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Buying or Selling 100 tech? Let me figure out the logistics


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TECH DEALERS, LARGE AND SMALL (but especially you small nations!):

I can't stand seeing the various tech deal offers here in the black market; you all do not need to be doing complicated tech deals full of middlemen, bargaining, and confusion! There is a better way. Forget haggling over prices, don't worry about logistics, and stop doing deals with nations you can't trust.

Instead, please come sign up for tech deals at the TECH DEAL FORUMS. I run these organized deals with a few dedicated helpers and make sure deals are simple and efficient. These are unaffiliated with any alliance; any nation may sign up for a deal and participate as often as they would like. I have a ridiculous amount of experience running tech deals, having organized the transfer of over 75,000 tech in the last few months, so you can be sure that the system works well. I can get many satisfied nations to vouch for me - signing up for a tech deal with other nations around CN is much easier than advertising on the CN forums and trying to work out a deal for yourself. Incidentally, my forums offer a faster and easier deal than most alliance's internal tech deal programs as well.


See some proof of our sucess; hundreds of satisfied customers who return week after week.

I can now accept both Small and Large nations (tech buyers and tech sellers), and can work both 1-slot (20-day) deals AND 3-slot (immediate) deals. There are no silly restrictions on participants, no inconvenient requirements like AA-changes or any of that - simply come on over and post in the correct sign-up topic and I'll have you in a deal in a matter of hours. Why go through the hassle of organizing your own deal? Each time you want to buy or sell tech, just go to the convenient www.s15.invisionfree.com/techdeals and follow the simple instructions.

So... I don't want to see anyone else starting a topic offering 100 tech or hoping to buy 100 tech - I guarantee you'll get it done faster and in a more organized and trustworthy fashion if you just sign up here!

www.s15.invisionfree.com/techdeals; See you there!


Former Atlantis Deputy Minister of Finance, Tech Deal Coordinator

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Certainly the place you want to go for tech deal.

I can't wait my aid slot become free to go there.

the good part is that there is no delay for small nations.

for me it take less than 4 hour till they put me on on a deal.

and all the deal process take less than 24 hour

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Just an update - I'm looking for about two dozen small nations (tech sellers) at the moment. So, if you're at all interested in selling tech and making a huge profit for yourself, please check out this forum!

Why is it better than many of the other offers around here? We're more organized and more efficient - large nations are lined up waiting for your services - as soon as you come over and post, you'll be placed in a deal in no time at all. Over 60,000 tech sold. :D


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