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Surrender of the people

The Zigur

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I must accept that the masses of the people have not accepted the arrogance of "the democracy" that supposedly rules over their subjugation by the officers of "GATO." These people, superior in body and mind, have never accepted the rule of inferiors to govern them. The people who secretly govern men and women like themselves. Those who will ultimately govern.

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"The democracy" is both a failure and the gold standard at the same time... the will of the People standing naked in a cool wind, exposed for all to see, standing tall, fearless, a club in one hand and a snake curling around the other.  Decisions are made by the treacherous, the treasonous, the comical, and the righteous.  One person may not subjugate others without the express consent of the majority of others.  A snake may bite once, twice, maybe thrice, but it shall eventually be beaten by the club of Righteousness.  

GATO, a self-proclaimed Democratic alliance, falls into this perfectly.  On one hand, pure inaction of the majority can stonewall any push for progress.  On the other, once the snake is dead, can the many push forward instead of clubbing each other?  GATO has survived for a decade and a half, self clubbing notwithstanding.  

I ask you this, do the officers of GATO hold clubs or do they hold snakes?

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22 hours ago, HeroofTime55 said:

Can I have some of these drugs as well?


You'd need to get one of those snakes GATO are using as clubs and extract the venom, fortunately I have some surplus you can have for now and it looks like it won't be long until it's fully contaminated the water supply. So buckle up everyone! We're graduating from licking toads to drinking snake venom in order to see the all creatures that aren't really there.

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