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D1 would like everyone to burn pixels

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I appreciate that finally being at war with D1 again after a painfully quiet two weeks gets everyone not here super exited, but one at the time please! Would at least make finding where the drama’s at much easier.

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1 hour ago, Augustus Caesar said:

TIL that D1 doesn't recognize OP as part of the world.


Despite Paradoxians appearing among the top in the Nation Ranking almost every round 

It makes me very happy to see OP doing so well 🙂

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6 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:


I thought they were dirty Stevie-hiding flag runners?


5 hours ago, Lyanna Mormont said:

I love how HiredGun is a jackass if he doesn't like how you declare on them or if you do the biggest updeclare of the round.

Are you both upset? Its only pixels 🙂

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3 hours ago, Lyanna Mormont said:


You always think people are upset about pixels, stop projecting. 

You're clearly upset over something? Perhaps you can try to settle your issues with our leader, Jiros. 🙂

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