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  1. Yeah watching HG and RR thrashing each other about on the forums is a guaranteed fun read Keep the hate flowing for our entertainment!
  2. We shall dance soon Boognish, getting my raincoat for the occasion
  3. This is so true though, but not all of D1 does this. EDIT: Regarding wether I hate D1 as a whole...
  4. Well we were the only ones with infra left, so yeah been expecting you Also, epic DOW post 10/10
  5. Have fun in the first nuke war of the round!
  6. Apologies for going in 15 minutes prior to the 3rd. We should't have attacked 15 min before the end of the ceasefire.
  7. When it says this, I don't see how you can interpret that as including January the 3rd. To the 3rd means it does not include the third, otherwise it should have been to the 4th of January. It expired today as the English language in the post clearly states.
  8. Hereby the Holiday Truce is over anyways and indeed we declare on OP and NPO. We won't be using dirty ops or blockades unless done to us. End of transmission.
  9. The New League of Nations will be in truce with all alliances unless attacked upon for the period stated in Jiros' original post.
  10. Uhm, I'm not sure the NLoN is known for earning lots of money haha Certainly gonna try again anyways next round though
  11. This war never happened Lyanna. I guess you’re probably right.
  12. I think it also showed the new players what a decent war looks like. Just a fun old school CNTE war, without any drama, crying or fingerpointing like in the other wars seen on the OWF. Good show!
  13. Better late than never. We peace out at update.
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