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  1. If this war stops connies and toilet paper being hoarded, I approve
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue Don't even bother starting a debate Fact's aren't worth to argue When they're clearly bait
  3. I 100% agree with the thread title. Whether it helps giving your life some purpose or is a necessity to fulfil the bottom echelon of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, only you know best what will keep you and your sweetheart Jane Doe happy XD. For future records I just hope it's clear that HG's sh.-.tposts here or anywhere else mean less to us than our next bathroom break and literally can't be bothered to take whatever bait can undoubtably be found in his post. If you're not on a diet at least...
  4. TIL that D1 doesn't recognize OP as part of the world. Despite Paradoxians appearing among the top in the Nation Ranking almost every round
  5. I appreciate that finally being at war with D1 again after a painfully quiet two weeks gets everyone not here super exited, but one at the time please! Would at least make finding where the drama’s at much easier.
  6. That's a lotta pixels in your DoW .gif @Lyanna Mormont Almost 560k, took my craptop a full two seconds to load Good luck all
  7. wars where nobody really knows what they're doing are the most fun wars.
  8. We have been waiting for almost a week for the Boognish to make their desire to attack us become reality... ...and we couldn't wait any longer. So hereby we take the Cult to our long awaited dance! Happy holly jolly pixel hunting, may the nukes fly through the sky like falling stars! (this is probably how you make a DoW on the OWF)
  9. Yeah watching HG and RR thrashing each other about on the forums is a guaranteed fun read Keep the hate flowing for our entertainment!
  10. We shall dance soon Boognish, getting my raincoat for the occasion
  11. This is so true though, but not all of D1 does this. EDIT: Regarding wether I hate D1 as a whole...
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