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  1. haha, I was talking about all my war decs tehol. You put in the effort.
  2. Sorry its late, I was still sleeping. D1 go to war with NLON and Wolf Vanguard Stats were taken 30mins after update Have fun everyone
  3. We started some end of round fun feel free to join As usual D1 has decided to war everyone for the last few days. Have fun everyone and enjoy blowing stuff up at the end
  4. So we include AW and NLON in our current war with BC Have fun everyone ohh also some stats -
  5. Well I have posted some stats now so there is that at least. Also, it covers all the main points I am feeling the pressure to now improve these DOW's.
  6. Yes another unimaginative announcement from me, one day I will put more effort in. Anyway, D1 goes to war with AW and NLoN Have fun everyone Edit: here are some stats
  7. Haha, I aim to please. It is way too early in the morning for me to get creative. Plus, my goal is to do such a bad job that HG replaces me as the person posting these
  8. So D1 goes to war with NLoN. Lets have some fun and blow up some infra. Good luck everyone. >Edit for numbers
  9. Hello All, D1 goes to war with AW. I hope everyone on both sides has fun blowing stuff up. I should make this more creative but I am still half asleep, so instead here are some stats. Good luck all.
  10. Hello all, I am sure many alliances have members that are busy over the festive period with holidays or just celebrating with family and friends. D1 are proposing a festive truce between alliances. I am informed that similar has been achieved in the past and looking to see if there is interest. I have reached out to a few people already to see if there was any interest and thought it would be best to post on the forum. Based on some discussions the 23rd of December to the 3rd of January was the most popular however, this can be adjusted if required. Feel f
  11. I don't mind this bit of action from MHA, gives me something to do other than pressing the same couple of buttons every day. The tech difference sucks (lazy tech buyer that I am) and for some reason, I can't resist smashing navy and aircraft against tech. Forever the optimist, thinking the next attack will be different ...... when will I learn. However, this is where I take issue with MHA (and others in CN over the years) it is unfair 😛 to attack us in the last couple of weeks in March and last week in Oct/first in Nov. Update at 5am is just not fair, I just ain't that commit
  12. You are right. I fixed it ..... kind of ..... it will just have to suffice for now. If I deleted it we would save any work required to update it....
  13. When you guys got me to reactivate after years away I did not think I would actually have to do anything. It's good to see people still play
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