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  1. I don't mind this bit of action from MHA, gives me something to do other than pressing the same couple of buttons every day. The tech difference sucks (lazy tech buyer that I am) and for some reason, I can't resist smashing navy and aircraft against tech. Forever the optimist, thinking the next attack will be different ...... when will I learn. However, this is where I take issue with MHA (and others in CN over the years) it is unfair 😛 to attack us in the last couple of weeks in March and last week in Oct/first in Nov. Update at 5am is just not fair, I just ain't that committed to CN unless I need to be up for work. Does not seem like a coincidence to me. I wonder if we could get every alliance to sign an agreement to leave us be in these weeks going forward 🤔 Also, no comment on my new overlord in pink, think if it was just me and him I could take him
  2. You are right. I fixed it ..... kind of ..... it will just have to suffice for now. If I deleted it we would save any work required to update it....
  3. When you guys got me to reactivate after years away I did not think I would actually have to do anything. It's good to see people still play
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