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  1. You haven't shown anything new or exciting, no new episode, just D1 version 2. Noice!
  2. Its funny how you have replied to every single other person's comments yet to mine nothing is said. Arm chair warrior hiding behind his computer screen. Nothing but a disrespectful punk. Grown up and show some class rather than sling off easy put downs that any monkey could make. @Lord Hitchcock
  3. Thanks HG. I think that's about the nicest thing you have said on here! Lol Anyway, my apologies for the comment on the cowboy thread about shi! Coming from you mouth and all. It was unnecessary and over the top. Just tired of everyone playing the game how they have been.
  4. I say again, meet me F2F and you wouldn't be talking all this bravado and crap. You sit back, behind a keyboard, well away from anyone so you feel you can say whatever you want. Arm chair warrior that thinks he is a big shot because no one can reach across the screen and slap your silly a$$. Show at least a little bit of respect.
  5. And I'll say it on this channel as well, I'm out of here because I'm really tired of this crap. And of course you won't care, because who cares that you are down to 63 nations, a third probably double up rouges. But this goes out to everyone, including AW, highway, hiredgun, and Lord Hitchcock (specific comment to you is meet me on the street f2f and tell me I'm crying, I don't think so). Grow up, show some integrity, play the game fairly. I noticed AW using the alliance as a personal vendetta against 3 or 4 certain members of D1 last round. And now Tehol, quit with the dirty ops. All of you need to. Its not hard to be fair nit hold grudges from rounds 3 years ago, etc. All this is doing is chasing away players, and you can't afford to do that. Anyway, take care all.
  6. Take care. You got your wish, finally. I'm leaving the game and the complete waste of time all of these "inlightening" conversations have been. I'll check back in next year and you will be down to like 20 nations instead of the whopping 63 we are at now.
  7. I didn't know you name was Cowboy? I thought it was HiredGun. Cleary my comment was directed specifically at Cowboy, not you. But you always have to have the last word, make an excuse. Everything that comes out of your mouth smells like sh!t. How many times in the past 5 years have you, or I should say your alliance, hit an alliance I was in early, before we even built, or after we built but before we collected, etc etc. I didn't ask for your opinion, defensiveness, or even acknowledgement or comments from you. Take a look at the thread next time and see who it is actually intended for before you open you stupid, boring, pie hole again. I was done speaking with you in May, you have a lack of integrity, spew lies after lies, excuses after excuse, for at least the last 5 years, stir trouble, are always argumentative, and I'm basically done talking with you. Cheers.
  8. Hey look Cowboy! We fixed it this round. Alpha wolves were winning and yet again D1 (and you can claim you are no longer D1, but you are basically D2) is cheating again, attacking an alliance 3 days into a war with 2 other alliances, and SToR is killing off our generals with dirty spy ops, because neither D1 nor SToR can stand to lose in a fair fight so they resort to under handed sh!t because all of you have absolutely no integrity, morals, or ethics.
  9. So, are we no longer required to submit decs of war, because i just can't seem to find D1s dec on Alpha Wolves? Or maybe its because they attacked an alliance already in the midst of a war with 2 other alliances, like the cowards they are. Loosing this round just doesn't suit, so instead, go back to your cheating a$$ ways. And Defcon 2 (Seal Team of Rose) why of course you are spy opping generals. What else do you have left but to be little sh!ts and kill off our generals since you can't do anything else. Why do I always come back to this game and expect people to play fair and have integrity. Truly I'm the idiot here.
  10. Open day meaning declares on other alliances already in wars disguised by the term "Raiding"
  11. How about YOU focus on YOUR team and you learn some manners and how to show just a wee bit of respect for others. Cheers
  12. You know what, some things really need to be said here. I'm a retired 23 year army vet so I want you to know that when I say bullying I don't mean that I feel bullied because I dont. However, have a look at your post you little !@#$. I have valid reasons to speak my mind. You never answer the exact complaint I have. All you try to do is bully me into not talking by calling me basically a cry baby, telling me to zip it, and to drop it! I thought very highly of you at one point but not anymore. You need to grow up right along with HG. And by the way, my nickname is not Skully you little dweeb.
  13. Actually, after re reading your post I'm not going to zip it. I don't need nor want any attention. Bottom line is you failed to address my concern. You just forcefully told me to zip it, called my a cry cry cryer, told me to drop it, said all this horse crap about nothing and didn't address the issues I've raised that have surfaced time and time again, hitting nations already in war etc. So unless you want to try and explain yourself (which you cant) you can !@#$@#$ zip it. Cheers
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