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TTK-NG Non-Aggression Pact


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This pact of non-aggression is made on this, the 22nd of February, 2018 by and between Non-Grata and The Templar Knights for the duration of six months.


Whereas both parties desire to enter into this agreement, the terms are as follows:


Article 1:
Neither alliance will commence any acts of hostility or espionage towards the other. 


Article 2:
Should a member of either alliance be caught in acts of espionage or hostility towards the other alliance, an official statement and reparations will be required within 48 hours of the alliance being notified. The hostile member must be punished by their alliance, in accordance with the constitution and laws of the member’s alliance, within 32 hours of the official statement. Neither alliance shall provide aid of any form (military, intelligence, finance or technology) to a known enemy of the other, if this should happen then a greater amount of aid must be given to the non-offending alliance within 48 hours.


Article 3:
Should either alliance come under attack, neither alliance is not obliged to provide any sort of aid.


Article 4:
As a sign of good faith, both participants are encouraged to provide regular updates to each other regarding major changes to foreign relations, internal events, or members.


Article 5:
In cases where there is the apparent disregard of the articles of this NAP, either alliance may request an official statement be made within 24 hours stating the valid reasons for such actions (requiring proof) with the allowance that the alliance in breach of this agreement is to pay fair reparations. Only after pursuing these steps, and having been rebuffed, this pact can be broken immediately.


Article 6:
This pact constitutes the entire understanding between both alliances and supersedes all prior pacts, treaties, and negotiations.


Hereto affirmed by, 


Caustic – God Emperor


The Templar Knights
Merick – Grand Master
Rustikus – Marshal of Defense
Riker – Marshal of Foreign Affairs
Mandystalin – Marshal of Members
Double B – Marshal of Recruitment

Konstantine – Elder Council Sergeant At Arms
King Irwin – Elder Council
The Slam Anderson – Elder Council


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On 2/22/2018 at 2:10 PM, Keysariyt Hanssen said:

What a horrible treaty.


I guess that's why we made it then...


On 2/22/2018 at 1:38 PM, Lord Hitchcock said:

Riker did mention something about plotting against NG, perhaps this piece of paper will buy ttk the time they need for revenge against Oculus 


Appreciate you speaking on my behalf for a conversation we never had Lord H. We honor our pacts and treaties. And just to set the record straight instead of allowing random speculation, we are not out to seek revenge. 



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