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Cos Says Goodbye To Cn


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Right because this is exactly encouraging support. It also states that you think they were and up and coming alliance in cn. You're a tool and a fool. How on earth that constitutes as anything encouraging is beyond me. Keep on using your spin. Be careful though you may just fall over if you keep it up.


COBRA? ...never heard of her...

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You are still not admitting that you were wrong about roguing and raiding. Thats ok. You dont need to admit anything.


So, if I've read this correctly, and I'm not going to lie and say I read it closely, the real difference is the in declaration reason?  "Raid" keeps it from being rogueing?  Or maybe it's the difference between the victim of the raid and the perpetrator?   Get over yourself, man.

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You guys never did anything... And thanks for doing planet bob a favor! (And you should have done it sooner)... Useless scum

Ha you always know how to say the stupidest things.


I remmember approaching CoS leadership for a merger on equal terms of our alliances COBRA and CoS. Both the alliances then was basically of same size with COBRA having a bigger total NS. My offer was rejected and I got a counter offer where in COBRA nations if it wishes can simply join CoS. Frankly I was pissed and viewed it as an insult. Well how times have changed. Now I am glad that merger never went through.
Frankly I believe CoS wasted its time in Cyber nations and I can hardly recall seeing you guys in war screens. Being a micro CoS should have been more active in raiding and other wars. You know it would make things more interesting in Cyber nations.

Also LOL what a rude thing to say you !@#$ at least wish them well and get on with you day ffs!

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