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A Return

Voodoo Nova

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A once proud nation that was dismantled and destroyed by those before it, Novak has risen again. President James Nova, the once great ruler who brought about the most prosperous country in the Middle East and Africa, would have been saddened to see what became of his country. His children scattered across the region shortly after the formation of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Novak. The SSRN, a beacon of power not seen in the Middle East since the Ottoman Empire, brought in wealth to the people as well as sever oppression. Akhmed Shakir fled, after the fall of his government, to avoid the domestic persecution he could face as a result of his former allies splitting the territory. With the end of Novak came the end of the century-long experiment of peace in the Middle East.


Today, Shakir’s heirs still live in the southern region of the old Novaki nation. The region is in disrepair. Neglect from centuries of foreign leadership has destroyed the wealth of Novak, sapping it for their gain while leaving nothing. There is anger, but hope for the return of the Soviet Socialist Republic. The prosperity under their rule was second to none, but the younger generation which yearned for this past knew it would not succeed. Not without leaders like Nova and Shakir.


To honor her grandfathers’ role, Khaleda Shakir worked her way through the political system, independent of any party. She made deals, improved her country and eventually became the president of Novak. Once again, the region will know prosperity that has been unknown to the citizens for centuries. Shakir would make her inaugural address, detailing her hopes and dreams for her nation, a united federation of people from Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, Djibouti, UAE, Somalia and Eritrea. A nation of differences and similarities, united in the Middle East’s strongest democracy.

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