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The Big Feminist Gala


Article I: When the Guests Arrive...

Los Pollos Hermanos (LPH) and the Women's Action Group (WAG) agree that while they may have to share a bit of elbow room, they are indeed strong independent women who don't need a man.

When the Party Starts...

Signatories to this pact will share information pertaining to patriarchy and other global movements.

When You Pay Lily Allen to Perform...

Parties will include financial cooperation, because it's hard out here for a bitch.

When Men try to Crash the Party...

Should either signatory (or her allies) come under attack for any reason, her amiga reserves the right to assist them directly.

When We Counter-Raid the Patriarchy...

Should either signatory decide to launch an offensive, she may look to her sister for help.

When Storms Arrive...

Should this party get shut down, their will be a 72-hour wait on kicking everyone out.

Signed for Los Pollos Hermanos

Rey the Great, Gus

Signed for Women's Action Group
ncc, Blood God
AntiFa, Udder Feeler
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I guess we protect chicken to now.

You know you want this 10 piece.

Oh hey. :)

Hey there!

i heard some of the conservative AAs have binders full of women. will u be liberating them?

Yeah I'm pretty damn lazy.
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