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The Principality of Shanghai (CNRP2 DOE)


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The Principality of Shanghai is lead by Emperor Brian and his royal family. Under his rule and that of his ancestors the nation had been in a long era of peace and prosperity keeping mostly to themselves except for when doing large trades with other nations but for the most part they tried to ignore wars and events in other areas of the world unless it involved them directly.


The nation has a standing army of exactly 290,370 but it is continuing to recruit to get to the goal of 300,000 or more by the end of the month. Although they tried to stay out of foreign affairs they knew that eventually someone would try to threaten their very existance and Brian knew that in order to survive they would have to be able to defend themselves against any and all aggressors.

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"The Imperium of Japan welcomes the Principality of Shanghai to Asia, we look forward to warm relations with our new neighbor, together may we restore mainland Asia to its former glory."


-Osamu Saito, MoFA

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"The Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland warmly welcomes this young Asian nation onto the world stage and extends official recognition to the Principality of Shanghai."


- Minister of Foreign Affairs Richard Winters

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"Shanghai is an integral part of the Chinese nation. We welcome our brothers and sisters at the Eastern coast and hope that their relations to the Republic will be peaceful and cooperative. We may be under different systems, but after all, we are all one Chinese people, ancient and great."

-President and Chairwoman of the KMT Huang Lingyin


OOC: Disclaimer - I'm your optional to recognise new neighbour.

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OOC: The rest of this thread will be my official news and factsheet thread for my CNRP2 Shanghai nation.




Population: Around 2 Million

Military Population: 300,000 Active Personnel

20,000 Dragon PMC soldiers (lead by the company's CEO Henry)

100,000 active duty

200,000 Reserve

Capital City: Shanghai

Language: English and Chinese both Official Languages but more tend to try to learn English.

Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy (Parliament known as the Shanghai Grand Council)

Military Equipment: Aircraft:


Many MiG-35 Fighters



Many PAC JF-17 Thunders

Many Shaanxi Y-9 Transports

Many other Chinese and Russian made planes used for various situations


Ground Vehicles: Many Type 99 Main Battle Tanks


Many ZBD2000 Amphibious Tanks

Many ZBL09 AFVs

Many other APCs, Missile Vehicles, and other multirole vehicles


Navy: Type 052 Luhu-class Destroyers


Type 053 frigates

Type 056 corvettes

Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships

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Commander Yin was ordered to head back to Shanghai territory once Lang let him know that Amur didn't need his help anymore for now and was ready for them to head back.

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OOC: Just got the Manhatten Project for my CN nation


In the same area where the Druk Yul Nuclear Reactor blew up an important weapon test took place. The first nuclear weapon detonated by the Shanghai government in the area the Druk Yul government had allowed them to test it was successful. They had already made a delivery system similar to that of ICBM's the Chinese used in the past but now they had the nuclear devices themselves to go with them and after a successful test they now knew how to make them hopefully without any problems. "This is a big day for all of us. Now we have a deterrant for those that would threaten to destroy us. Anything else to report Lee?" Jesse would ask as he looked over the report of the successful test detonation.


"The Persians and Druk Yul are now in a standoff along their borders and for now our forces are keeping the Barbarians in the north away from Beijing and the other major cities. If war does break out we will be ready but how do you plan to use these?"


"Only if necessary Lee. We have bunkers strong enough to protect our people in the cities but now we have the means to strike back no matter where they attack us from. If they try to destroy us than we need to destroy them because if we fall than the world will descend into darkness. We cannot let that happen!"

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