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  1. I think the idiot meant objectify.
  2. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    False, by a really long shot there Louise. I told you already I would've been open to standing down. You didn't take that option so you actually have no idea if I would have or not. Honestly, shut up fool, you're worse than Gino considering you were in a prime position to make a real change to that particular !@#$hole and you couldn't be bothered, instead preferring to piss about at the whim of your pal Dinosaur.
  3. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    LOL, and now you back out because you realise you can't form an argument that is even close to defeating mine. Of course very few people give a !@#$ about this, we're only talking about one little micro, its leader, and three idiots. No-one is under any illusions as to otherwise.
  4. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    You pull so many excuses out of your ass, you're as full of !@#$%^&* as George W. Bush. You won't run away crying if I call you an MEF now, will you? You hit me because you wanted to aid in the coup, it's as simple as that. Even if you have other reasons for hitting me, that is how it looks and sounds. Therefore, you had a part to play in this coup (and by extension, a part to play in controlling DC), otherwise you wouldn't have bothered because you know I would have trashed your 15m warchest nation and, as evidenced by a certain thread at cngoons, you care a hell of a lot about infra. I have a damn sight more "legitimate skill" in leadership than yourself, Louis XVI and Kiloist. And isn't that the real question here? Now I'm no longer involved with you three failures, who is going to create a new age for DC? Or maybe I'm wrong and your coup was not a coup but just you three giving up, with your defeatist attitudes?
  5. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    Oh this bit is hilarious. You guys coup'd me to gain control of DC, clearly, so I don't know why you think this has nothing to do with reforming DC, or are you just that bereft of intelligence? Perhaps you've all decided that reforming DC isn't worth the effort after I deleted the forums, and now you're claiming you didn't want DC in the first place? Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay then, besides Kiloist, who? You? LOL! I don't think so. Louis XVI maybe? Don't make me laugh..his time in DRN showed, if anything, how unfit he was for leadership. Who else? Cyradis? She's not even committed to the project, she showed little to no enthusiasm for what we were doing and instead simply moved around where you and Kilo told her to. Kappella? Nice gal but I really can't see at the head of something like Daggerfall. No, old friend, Kiloist was and is the only guy with the capacity for leading that alliance. Unless you all had some kind of plan to recruit an alliance leader, then that won't change. I'm not surprised you couldn't answer this for yourself. Then again... It's stupid because you now have a headache on your hands which could've been avoided right from the beginning. Asking me to step down at least gave you a chance to carry on the work that began in DC, whereas now the situation is FUBAR for you all. Your goals were, initially, to take control of DC. This we know for certain, because the three of you have been throwing around the word coup and it's in your declarations. By attacking me and trying to take over what was my creation and my idea, you opened up yourselves to reprisal. Now, I deleted the forums, which means you'll have to create another if you want to continue (presumably at least one of you does, otherwise there wouldn't be any point to a "coup" and there wouldn't be eight of you sitting on the AA "Daggerfall Covenant"). Moreover, with the forum data deleted, you'll need to start from scratch, which imposes further delays upon you trying to usurp my mantle (which is all I'm prepared to do now anyways). Of course, I formally disbanded Daggerfall, so you'll have to recreate it. I'm fine with that because at least I will know I tried to do something with my own alliance, whereas you three opportunists thought it better to run it into the ground. You'll also obviously need to work on protection and FA in general, as the image people now have of you is that you are all generally traitors and backstabbers, as well as lazy and clutching desperately to a sinking ship (because none of you have leadership ability, that is all DC will become).
  6. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    Post the vid on youtube, should be fun to see a grown man eat dog food so he can get access to a group of people in an e-nation game, really. I don't doubt it, and I don't know why you do as well, or even what the situation has to do with you anyway; you're the guy who left because he couldn't be bothered to work for the alliance anymore, so I doubt many will care of what you do or do not doubt. I had already indicated Kiloist as an heir and I know he would've been up to the job, had he and Louis discussed this issue at length with me. Of course, neither of them did, and instead followed a course of action which has left you three in a pretty bad position.
  7. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    I laughed when I noticed the rejection pip at GOONS. You were banking big time on getting back in, so it'll be interesting to see where you go next. Yes I happen to be leaving this world, for now. Obviously I wasn't going to give you guys the satisfaction of gaining money and tech after you royally $%&@ed up. I don't understand your point here. If I really cared, I would've stayed and fought it out with all three of you, and I would have won. Unfortunately, with my three most experienced people gone, the alliance would've been a lot more difficult to keep afloat and in the coming busy weeks I will not have the time to do such a thing. You're right, it's not pathetic but it's a really stupid move. If they wanted me to step down, and asked me nicely, I would have done so. There was no call to attack me like a pack of whining dogs looking for their next meal. As it is, I have deleted the DC forums and they will now have to start from scratch if they wish to continue with DC. Of course, if they're smart, then they created a new forum and moved material across long before they attempted this coup. If they didn't, all the better. I honestly don't believe, with the possible exception of Kiloist, that any other member of Daggerfall has the necessary characteristics to lead the alliance. Twenty-one days, give or take a day. Would've lasted longer had these three not screwed up.
  8. Helios

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    These $%&@ers thought it would be funny to perform a drn-level fail of a coup and have now submitted themselves to be valid raid targets, with no protection: Louis XVI Dionysus Sir Kiloist Their warchests are hilariously awful but whose aren't these days. I'd hit Kilo first because he has only 3m but about 300 tech. And now DC bows out. Disbanded. Finished. Kaput. Complete fail of an alliance in the end. Shoulda gone with Marvel.
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