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Greece Rises After Economic Failures


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After long economic failures that have gripped the country.The military industrial complex has helped in this regard, as have new deposits of natural resources like gold, silver, and iron to re-stabilize  the economy.A sense of pride has swept across the land inciting the population to have disdain for foreigners who are working withing their country. This has lead to many acts of hate crimes, which the police have been reluctant to investigate. It is the President Alexander who is responsible for this progress, who will have many decisions to make, regarding what to do with a large military buildup.There is talk by him about returning lands once owned by Greece, making the surrounding areas cautious as they view in. 



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"The Kingdom of Yugoslavia praises the success of the current government of the Greek people, wishing them and their people the best of wishes along with hopeful positive relations as neighbors in the Balkan Peninsula."

HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

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