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A Public Enemy Announcement


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Greetings fellow Rulers,


A few days ago I had the great honor of announcing a new treaty between myself and a long time friend of mine, ReytheGreat. Rey and I decided to give the treaty a twist and add in a clause that would allow us to add more signatories to the treaty. Just a few hours later we had the pleasure of adding two more very close friends and long time bros to the treaty. Tonight, after a unanimous vote between all signatories, it is my pleasure to announce we have yet again added another signatory to our list. 


Welcome, Avakael!!!


(PS. We would also like to thank Avakael for helping us design our new flag!)




"Public Enemy Accords"



Article I. Membership


Admittance to Public Enemy is by invitation only. Any signatory may invite another nation into the bloc. Membership is only given upon a unanimous vote from all current signatories.


Article II. Economics


All signatories are highly encouraged to assist each other in terms of aid, technology deals and donation deals before assisting any other nation outside of their respective alliances.


Article III. Non-Aggression


All signatories are required to remain peaceful towards all other signatories. It is encouraged that no signatory defame or slander any other signatory.


Article IV. Mutual Defense


All signatories are obligated to assist each other in the case any of the signatories comes under attack from a third party.


Article V. Optional Aggression


All signatories are highly encouraged, although not obligated, to assist each other in aggressive attacks against a third party.


Article VI. Cancellation


Any signatory may leave the bloc with a notice given to the other signatories, all clauses will remain in effect for 72 hours after the cancellation notice was given.




Rey the Great of Neo Uruk - Roman Reygns, Best FA in the Game, God of CN, Official Groupie for the Booty, Cootie Collector and Hoochie Deflector, Old Dirty Disciple
Cynic of Apex Nation - 0069 of MI6, Former FIRElord, \m/ >_< \m/, God King of *********
Mogar of Mogatopia - Emperor of the Empire, Admiral of the Ariana Armada, Minister of Mogar Affairs, Minister of Attention, CN's Psychologist, Captain Planet Emeritus, First!, Master of Amsging, Banned for your Sins, King of Notaries, Destroyer of the Low Tier, Excellent Gif Story Teller, bohemian inter-communal icon, Worst Annie NA, Dat Ashe, putting pennies in his paypal, Chairman of Rapture City Council, Mogar is the new Hegemony, All Around Nice Guy, Also Hello Electron Sponge.
abbasmehdi of abbasmehdi - Caliph of Cooter

Avakael of Klaus Devestatorie, Lord of No, Homecoming Queen, The Unstoppable, Rightful Ruler of the Seven Seas of Rhye.

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Think about it this way, at least there's one member I can't completely wreck next war, now if you'd all sign it you wouldn't have to worry about me. :>


but then our weekly panic over Mogar meetings would lose their relevance :(

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