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Looking for an Alliance


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Hello there. I'm currently seeking an alliance. Member size, total strength, length of existence, theme, etc doesn't bother me. Just give a good reason why I should join your alliance and I'll look you up ;)


My Cred


  • I'm active, usually on once a day for atleast 30 mins.
  • My current nation has been around for aprox. one year, although this is my third nation since early March '07 (if my memory serves me correctly).
  • Throughout my time playing, I've worked in all departments of government, typically low level positions and apprenticeships.
  • I hold zero grudges with any alliance I have dealt with in the past, and there is only a select few of players who I can't stand to even see their name on a post.


Thanks for reading!




PS, I'm just chilling on the AA I'm on right now. It's not really anything.

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You could join Avalanche.  We're looking for people to help out around the place, especially in gov roles.  We're small with only a couple active people left in leadership roles but we are hoping to get back into it.  


If you're interested, you can find us here: 



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Shut up and join Solis :P. Although we are new, we all have experience in CN in some way, shape, or form (meaning you won't be surrounded by noobs). We're always looking for some more experienced members to help take us to the next level. Here's our link: http://cn-solis.org/

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You must join The Union of Communist Republics if you like to be surrounded by retard communist fanatics who see fascist conspiracy in everything.
Also, being a member of UCR will entail you to avail our wonderful services such as 'see a polluted sunset', 'join a labor camp', 'renting a top quality fibre skateboard for free', 'writing conspiracy theories', 'getting an ovary planted' etc.
If the above tickles your fancy or any physical attribute of your body comrade, feel free to apply on our forums cnucr.boardforum.ca.

However, you'll be let in only after the NKVD (officially defunct) has processed your application and mind.

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First, King Wally I love that picture. Second you should join The Roman Empire. We are a relatively new alliance that has grown quickly over the few months it has been in existence. We are always looking for people with experience to participate in the government and you would be welcomed no matter what strength you are. In addition if you sell tech we have an arrangement with Sparta so that you could get as many tech deals as you want from them. If you buy then we have many reliable sellers in our alliance that would be willing to do $6/100's or $6/200's. Rome is rising comrade! Join us and you will rise too!

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Looking for a place that encourages nation destruction and warlike relationships with all? Then DBDC might be the place for you.




Come for the coffee, stay because petty alliances will try to perma-war you if you leave.

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