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  1. Nation_ID=556352 Message me in game. Five slots open. Looking for long term sellers.
  2. I could have said my member made a mistake sooner? You mean in the five hours between that mistake and Sir Kindle's retaliation?
  3. Could you please explain this further. What "would have our actions have been had no conflict occurred at all"?
  4. We 'started' this war? A brand new member of TRE raided and then declared peace on one of your members. Generally, an event such as that is followed up by a message to me inquiring as to what is going on. Not responding with your own raids within FIVE hours. If you guys had any wish not to be involved in this war right now you would not be involved in it.
  5. As of this moment, The Roman Empire officially declares war against Animalz and Limitless Nexus for numerous unwarranted attacks on our members. The Roman Empire had nothing to do with this war. We were sitting on the sidelines along with most others while we were being urged to jump into action but we resisted our allies' yearning for war. This trend would have continued if not for what occurred Feb 1-4. After a "raid" by one of our members, Animalz and Limitless Nexus responded in full force by attacking half of TRE and sending a third into anarchy. First, allow me to explain the circumstances of this "raid". anexer25 of the Reborn Roman Empire joined TRE on Jan 26. Six days later, he attacked an Animalz member, losing more than he gained in the attack. The day following, Animalz' retaliation began in full force and anexer went to join Animalz. As of this day, nine separate attacks have been made against TRE while anexer has been adopted into the ranks of our enemies. Even if we did condone this raid, which we were not given time to remedy before retaliation began, Animalz' response far outweighs what would be necessary. That they are not just raiding us in mass numbers, but also attacking without any offer of peace, amounts to an unspoken declaration of war in and of itself. We have had enough of it. They have brought the fury of Rome upon themselves and if they wish to shake hands in hell we shall not disappoint.
  6. First come, first serve. If you have a FAC you get $9 mil, otherwise, $6 mil. Leave a response or send me a pm in game and I will send the first round.
  7. Sellers, seeking buyers. 6'2" at least and must enjoy long walks on the beach. UPDATE 3.0: No more worrying about spacing! I have moved each profile into an individual GDoc so that you will not have annoying spacing problems with all the others above and below yours. Alphabetized links. The links to all profiles are now alphabetized in a list rather than clumped randomly in a table. Aesthetics. Looks better. At least I think so.
  8. We've got as many sellers as you need in TRE.
  9. Bringing this back. In need of buyers so anyone who is interested, we are getting a bunch of new sellers.
  10. Rome is back and our tech dealing system has been rejuvenated. See what's new up above.
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