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  1. LordItchybit

    Selling tech 100 tech for $5m

    I am selling 100 tech for $5m if your interested then send $5m to me ingame and I will send you the 100 tech ten days later. Ingame name: Lord Itchybit Nation name: Itchytinland
  2. LordItchybit

    100 tech for $5m

    Ok I am new to tech trading so I wasn't aware but thank you for telling me I have changed the deal to 100 tech for 5m.
  3. LordItchybit

    100 tech for $5m

    Sure 100 tech for $5m if your interested.
  4. LordItchybit

    100 tech for $5m

    I am selling 100 tech for $5 million which is cheaper than the standard $6m for 100 tech. I am also active every day and will respond. If you are interested then please reply.