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Mongol-Amazonian Liberation of Vasuda


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[quote][b]Dispatch from the Horde:[/b]

Having not established any sort of contact with Vasuda's Central Government, the Horde hereby announces stewardship over these lands and annex them into the Western Horde. We hereby place them under the direct supervision of Grand Empress Theresia von Hapsburg's Amazonian Elite Corps.


-Khagan Yuan Jia[/quote]

Crossing the border, 50, 000 Mongolian Horseman would rapidly overtake Vasuda bringing the last of the Eastern Caspian Invasion into the Horde's territory.

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[quote name='Fizzydog' timestamp='1326412317' post='2898357']
If the Horde wishes to invade a peaceful American nation simply using its freedom of speech, then so be it and let them reap what they sow.
[b]Unknown to Public[/b]

Just somehow, Dalian feeled as if she had to facepalm. She knew not why, she just had the urge to do it. Of course, as she was running along the streets of Paris, it was a bad moment and given it was completely unlogical, she refrained from doing so.

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King Simon was sitting in his room, trying to get over his headache. "First Natal, then the Unnamed Republic, and now Vesuda. Who will be next?" Even though King Simon new that his nation would be turned radioactive if this ever got out, he though that what Tianxia was doing was wrong. Natal was understandable to a limited degree. The Unnamed Republic had the right to exist in the land, and Tianxia killed many people in the invasion. Vesuda was just unthinkable. From what he could gather, King Simon learned that Tianxia wasn't able to establish diplomatic contact with Vesuda, so they were annexed. King Simon didn't know what to do. Being a careful man as always, he began to take cautionary measures. Some people might dissaprove, but is is necessary.

OOC: So how is my RPing coming along as in content?

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