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  1. Alright, more fact checking:King Kaiser has been a member of NSO for six(6) days. Nation link.Legacy announces their government, with King Kaiser as MoFA two(2) days ago. Link to thread.There was a four day difference between King Kaiser changing his AA, and Legacy's government being announced publicly. So when the elections were held or not, I don't care. King Kaiser was announced as MoFA well into his career as a member of the New Sith Order. Four days after Sarm couldn't come up with someone to replace him? It's clear they elected a member of NSO as upper gov, or they are helping NSO militarily against The Legion. I don't see any way around that.

    And now for the real question:

    Does anyone give a damn? If Legion doesn't declare on Legacy in the next five minutes, then Im guessing the answer is no. Because admin knows you don't really care, you're just looking for a chance to stir the pot. :P

  2. Who gives a flying $%&@ if theyre denying it. Sarm is ok with his MoFA being on the NSO AA to knock the !@#$ out of Legion end of storyIn short, Sorry Gibs but you;re being an attention whore. Go call out Invicta..thats fun
    So then Legacy is assisting in military action against The Legion. Gotcha.And lol, what's that saying about a pot and a kettle? Go brush your stache.

    Dual membership.

    Problem solved, we can all go home now.

  3. I'm happy that you enjoy my english :)

    You've had five years to improve it to near-fluency. It's not cute anymore.

    The only reasons that you continue to butcher the language are:

    1) You're too lazy to bother

    2) You're simply not capable of improving your english.

    Im inclined to think the latter, since no matter how much you use English, your sentence structure never seems to improve.

  4. Ahhh, the sentence fragmentations are ruining my brain, ahhhhh the paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

    Im guessing you meant to say something like "The fact I dont even know who you are and I already know you dislike me makes everything I do worthwhile, TehChron". Which is kind of indicative of you having a woefully short memory....Which actually explains a lot, really. Meh.

    Also, shame on you, Seerow. Bad seerow. Bad.

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