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  1. tenbob

    Apha Wolves Reach #3

    Congrats on the milestone guys. /o
  2. tenbob


    o/ Treaty !
  3. o/ UPN.   You are all welcome at Polar !
  4. tenbob

    Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis

    Long overdue. Nice to see fair play win out. o/ CN
  5. Fun times indeed.  o/ D1
  6. tenbob

    New Sultan of the NDO

      Meh it happened the opposite way to me RoadRash.  I still accepted the peace offers, so iirc we are all even.   Also enjoyable shazmozzle.     o/
  7. tenbob

    Imperial Decree

    It has been a pleasure to  serve under you Dajobo.  Congratulations Eatemup, I am really looking forward to seeing how you will move things from here.   o/ Dajobo o/ Eatemup o/ Polar
  8. tenbob

    Peace in our time

    o/ TOP.   Congrats on peace folks,
  9. tenbob

    Glorious Peace

    Congrats to everyone on peace.   Enjoyable war, had some great and closely fought tussles .
  10. tenbob

    What would Planet Bob look like?

    Awesome post OP.   I like the second version bettor :)
  11. tenbob

    Your First War

    Back in January 2007, it was something between GOONS LUE and polar. It was my first war. I remember declaring one , and getting pwned. About 3 days in I realised the value of co-ord, not letting people get defeat alerts , and came out the other end with a ton of money and tech . Actually it was a chance conversation a few months ago about online games, that drew me back in .
  12. tenbob

    Way to increase CNTE users

    I would play if update rotated.  6AM is just redic.     Flip it every 7 days, then I would have a chance.