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  1. You can normally tell when someone has hit the truth (Schat), by how hard someone tries to prove them wrong (OsRavan). We all know ODN has demanded huge reps, and other things, we all know ODN have supported their "allies" in actions that OsRavan claim he opposes, if he truly opposed eternal wars and huge reps or reps of any kind, he would cancel most of the treaties ODN has but he wont be able to as ofc like most he puts his pixels above his so called "unpopular stance"
  2. Why does this sound like the start of CN dying off , i hope the admin does something epic to honor you for what you have done for the game.
  3. I just find it funny how quick alliance such as NpO and others cancel treaties in order not to get rolled always make me laugh that does, just go to show no treaties is over pixals lol
  4. I foresee some issues with this blanket effect of removing tech, What is stopping an nation from selling tech however sending it from a Multi nation, that nation then get deleted however the buyer who had no idea the person sending them tech was a multi now lose out on the tech they paid for? this will stop new nations from being able to sell tech as the the buyer will now run the risk of not only losing the tech they bought but the cash they paid for it.
  5. NPO will always rise to power, NPO will always be the alliance everyone hates but everyone wish they could be, its quite a funny love hate relationship you all have with NPO.
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