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  1. Devialance

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Well we truly do not need people like you thats for sure
  2. Devialance

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Would like to point out anyone who has to blow his own ego has a small ego.
  3. Devialance

    Buy tech 6m for 100 tech

    Still looking for two more people.
  4. Devialance

    Nation count within CN and trends

    I would have to disagree, tell me what game changes could have been made in order to change the political situation?, I have seen this happen in many games, when given the choice people will team other with others they think can 1) protect them 2) make the stronger, No one wants to team up with someone who is going to cause them more harm and cause them losing control. I have respect for NPO they are the top dog and have always been even after Karma NPO was still top dog even pay reps, if you do not believe me what has happened to all those alliances that turn on NPO or betrayed them?, they are 1) Gone 2) sucking up to NPO now.
  5. Devialance

    Buy tech 6m for 100 tech

    Hello all. Looking for some tech sellers, I will be sending you 6m and you send 100 tech to a nation name i give you, You will need two slots open for this deal as i will send the cash and you send the tech the same day, and we can do this every ten days without fail
  6. Devialance

    Nation count within CN and trends

    In truth tho nothing could have been done, With Alliances like NPO &Co. controlling the world, and no one to ad a balance nothing the from a development team would have changed a damn thing.
  7. Devialance

    New Lord Order

    its a dead game, ofc people will disband
  8. Devialance

    Anyone from Echelon Still Around

    you and many others, now the forums are full of "is so and so still about" apart from that the forums are dead the game is inactive, even getting tech deals is a fight now lol, now you have the big buys taking out all others soon they will turn on themselves, OBR and GPA will be gone soon as well
  9. Guess its proof you can not pay to win lol
  10. Devialance

    Da WAE

    One thing is for sure, if they did more when they had the chance would NpO even be about?
  11. Devialance

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Wonder how many of these are muti's that was given admins blessing to remain?
  12. Devialance

    Nation count within CN and trends

    Thats due to them being wiped out lol
  13. Devialance

    Da WAE

    I wonder what would have been the look of the world today if GATO supported NAAC in the First arctic war/First polar war, I do wonder if back then people knew what would become of this world if things would have happened in another way.
  14. But he is part of the gang and your the bang?, i guess some enjoy such an act