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  1. Well we truly do not need people like you thats for sure
  2. Would like to point out anyone who has to blow his own ego has a small ego.
  3. Still looking for two more people.
  4. I would have to disagree, tell me what game changes could have been made in order to change the political situation?, I have seen this happen in many games, when given the choice people will team other with others they think can 1) protect them 2) make the stronger, No one wants to team up with someone who is going to cause them more harm and cause them losing control. I have respect for NPO they are the top dog and have always been even after Karma NPO was still top dog even pay reps, if you do not believe me what has happened to all those alliances that turn on NPO or betrayed them?, they are 1) Gone 2) sucking up to NPO now.
  5. Hello all. Looking for some tech sellers, I will be sending you 6m and you send 100 tech to a nation name i give you, You will need two slots open for this deal as i will send the cash and you send the tech the same day, and we can do this every ten days without fail
  6. In truth tho nothing could have been done, With Alliances like NPO &Co. controlling the world, and no one to ad a balance nothing the from a development team would have changed a damn thing.
  7. its a dead game, ofc people will disband
  8. you and many others, now the forums are full of "is so and so still about" apart from that the forums are dead the game is inactive, even getting tech deals is a fight now lol, now you have the big buys taking out all others soon they will turn on themselves, OBR and GPA will be gone soon as well
  9. One thing is for sure, if they did more when they had the chance would NpO even be about?
  10. Wonder how many of these are muti's that was given admins blessing to remain?
  11. Thats due to them being wiped out lol
  12. I wonder what would have been the look of the world today if GATO supported NAAC in the First arctic war/First polar war, I do wonder if back then people knew what would become of this world if things would have happened in another way.
  13. But he is part of the gang and your the bang?, i guess some enjoy such an act
  14. Well in truth how many of those 40k nations was mutis ?. Even now i bet most of the what 580 nations that has signed up from 10th Dec to now are fake accounts or muti's bet none of them are new players at all. Even the Admin has given up on cybernation i do not for see it lasting another year.
  15. What mark did NSO make please do tell, you are just like many others in this world claim to have made a mark but nothing more than a waste of air, also i never applied for DBDC so how could i be a DBDC reject ? EDIT: i get it now, because DS was made of people who was closely linked to DBDC thats why we are rejects, I guess the same could be said to you, lets face it, NPO then NpO then NSO i mean you are like the rejects of the rejects feels bad for you.
  16. Congrats, seems you need some more people in your government
  17. Looking to buy A donation, personal message me here, in game or on discord you can find me in the slap discord, we will talk about prices and what you want, can offer tech or cash.
  18. How could you, Notic's was planning on getting Oc to bail him out of this mess, lets wait for him to call me a liar lol. He came to me trying to work out how to get peace, then claimed no one in his AA want to surrender and yet what 5 have left lol, but oooo well he is a day dreamer after all. Come on methrage lose your cool go crazy and call the world liars, i mean after all you wouldnt know the truth if it slapped your candy ass about
  19. You mean all the information that was shared with SLAP gov as we laughed at how dumb both you and him was, at the fact I got Martin to let me attack him and he did zero attacks against me, but please do share, as that will then open up the door for me to share a few things we talked about, so before you start with your little stfu rant, man up and do it then we can all share
  20. How dumb can you be, he bought 11k infra meaning all GA i would do would fail as he out numbered my troops massively, i had the lease amount of tech so why would i nuke? come on be smart, I did CM, Air attacks, and spy ops, What else would i do, GA that i had 35% chance of winning therefore adding more cash to his WC (that was only at 2.2B when he quit not the amount you claimed he had, and we all know your a proven liar). As for Martin focusing on Hanssen is laughable, you know Hanssen was wiping the floor with Martin, plus i find it funny you still even now need to rely on martin and his long gone WC, IF i was NoR i would demand that 14k infra nation you have sitting on that sad lonely AA that has NO WC, to come out and fight for two rounds as part of the peace terms
  21. In truth NoR can easy take you out, However you are at war with SLAP as well, I want to point something out to you as i made it clear to Junka, keep running your mouth and i have no problem selling off my infra and giving away my tech dropping to your !@#$ level and smacking the living !@#$ out of you and your little butt boys who has tons of wonders and hide under 10k ns as you unable to fight on par with nations your age. So this will be one and only warning because you are starting to piss me off. 1) Shut up and fight then delete, 2) talk and take peace terms and then shut up, 3) keep fighting keep talking !@#$ and i will make sure nations your age with your wonders if not more drop down and then slap the !@#$ out of you.
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