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  1. Riding someone else's coattails making you feel big? Good, I'm glad for you.
  2. Replying to this because I just saw it, I've been trying to turn my flamethrower down a little this round but with that being said... When is the last time you fought SToR? It wasn't last round that's for sure. And as far as this alliance It's a strange thing to attack an "alliance member" in the same round no? Have some wars been convenient? Definitely, but that's just been the nature of the game when the only targets for D1 are AW, NLoN and occasionally OP (I'm seeing a repeat of last round so far in that situation...) Either way, I enjoy the chal
  3. I just appreciate that ya'll finally admitted to being D1 all along.
  4. @admin - Going into the new round I was hopeful that some of the new changes in SE could be moved over here with a few changes. Daily log in bonus - Obviously modified however works best. A couple new changes - Remove Sabotage IRS Proficiency. In my and many others experience it does nothing but discourages the losing side as they cannot catch up when they get hit with this. In the relatively small time frame we have in TE it does more harm than good. Penalty for excessive peace - I don't have any specifics worked out here but I was thinking s
  5. As someone who fought in the Doomhouse war (Boogeyman), that makes me feel a little dirty 😁 Bring the casualties
  6. What is it that we have done exactly? What "rules"? The ones that make you feel fuzzy on the inside? I am officially requesting a hard cover copy of the "Rules" please. Thank you. Also for giggles
  7. OOC - I was being harsh in that last one in the opening comment, I edited it out. Apologies. Also I just wanted to keep this here for record keeping Insert whats convenient for you.... Bless...
  8. Edit In your own words you said "Not accepting anymore truces" - Nothing about time frames there. Do you think you can try to change the narrative like you do with everything else on this?
  9. Seems to me like they did the same thing that you did earlier in the round, something that I can quote you as saying "Not a big deal". Also you aren't accepting any truces, that's why we are offering it to your members instead.
  10. I have no idea? Maybe Al didn't want to be a part of it? Of course Al isn't leading this time around... Also if we are basing this off of last year you should consider this to be our stance on it if we did happen to be in it. Also we are offering it to individual nations because YOU have made it very clear that you have no intent of this war going anywhere but forward and we know that there are players who would prefer to not have to worry about the game while busy with family or vacations. Edit - I just noticed that there is some interesting talk in that thread about someone
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