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  1. Let me help you get to that last penny @Lord Hitchcock! **As a note all wars with SToR ended on the 23rd and have continued since.**
  2. Flag runner? People still care about that?
  3. Just the nature of the game when you actually play it, At least mine has come with a majority of the TE records so far, and D1 did all that heavy lifting and you still aren’t in range to do said ops, crazy. Also you keep talking about playing dirty but at least when I spy op I’m in a war with the nation, not a rat hiding in a corner. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Our position? We just took on 90% of TE and we will rebuild, what position are you in? Also good job adding a couple thousand casualties - Still not too impressive unfortunately. Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 2,324 Attacking + 69,120 Defending = 71,444 Casualties
  5. Wow you really are insufferable, I can say with certainty that players like you are the real problem with this game. It isn't the "dirty ops" that are just mechanics in the game, it isn't the declaring on nations that are already at war, it's the players like you who do nothing but grand stand. Where was all this posting about AW before D1 got involved? D1 decided to step in and now you feel like you get a say? Do yourself a favor and sit down until you've done something relevant in game. Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 93 Attacking + 62,849 Defendin
  6. If that’s how you want to try and twist it you feel free bud.
  7. Why are you over here acting like I’m the only one here? I’ve been dealing with “dirty ops” all round long. D1 set that precedent in the first day of the first war this round.
  8. I don’t think that you can reach that high up, but I’ll be waiting.
  9. Were you not in NLoN last round? Kind of a harsh self-assessment my guy.
  10. Tehol's entire DOW is looking pretty relevant about now..
  11. Sorry ya'll decided to build and not collect
  12. Oceania can be OCN (if that helps you any )
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