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  1. -- I love this and hate it all at the same time -- Also I just want to mention that I haven't personally seen an updeclare like this in quite some time, kudos to us Romans keeping it clean.
  2. paging @thebird - Give them some assistance
  3. Let’s hope so! Although we in Rome didn’t know about Ghosts intention we gladly accept this new and improved D1 with open arms as a protectorate, any attack against this D1 is an attack on RE. Kiwi will make it official I’m sure 👀
  4. When you accomplish your goal in 4 days AND you win the round? Amazing stuff!
  5. Sorry no one else wanted to build right or coordinate Welcome back though! The more AA's the merrier.
  6. Wow, when NLON has a better average NS than D1...
  7. Why would anyone voluntarily sell infra when we can remove it for you?!?! Dial 1-800 Had-Infra and let us save you from the back breaking work of selling your own infra!
  8. Technology: 14.88. Literacy Rate: 20.00% Infrastructure: 579.16 (Peak Infrastructure 3,799.43) He isn't far! Will @HiredGunbuy infra and tech to nuke me back? Tune in later today to find out!
  9. I'm just glad that @HiredGuncame out of hiding to hit me!
  10. The only thing we need now is someone to fight... @HiredGunare done dumping blockades yet?
  11. I guess you can blame road rash for this one 😂
  12. @HiredGun I like your moves my guy, I wonder how those blockades are looking.
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