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  1. Now you are "in" it and have a chance to do something about it.
  2. All of you guys were great! Great wars...except on the last day I had a 400XP general spied away :(
  3. Commenting on "neener-neener reports on the OWF B-)
  4. Mission Achieved? Perfect...we accept your surrender. Decom all your Nukes and quote us 3 lines from "Back to the Future".
  5. Ah Pink Clams...enjoy the fun. PC forever boys!
  6. Take it easy Zoom! Many of us watching behind the fence are jealous and might possibly be plotting our own exit.
  7. [quote name='hizzy' timestamp='1321204044' post='2844121'] maybe that's why his warchest is so low? [/quote] Total Money: $1,223,432,623 is low?
  8. Where are the new battle reports? Why so quiet now? Hopefully this is the fun you were looking for.
  9. Farewell to PC. I look forward to the new merger and my new comrades.
  10. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1300098125' post='2664396'] Thanks for helping me reach 1,006,516 Attacking + 2,198,553 Defending = 3,205,069 Casualties this war I won't lie, Pre war I was only at 50k.... Polar, Ragnarok and STA helped me get my first 3 million casualties. I won't forget [/quote] I'm only 40K away from 3m!! Dang it!!
  11. This Victory is for Derwood1; Don Fernando; Citizenkane; Twisted; Mushi; Jgator; Banslam; Venhith; Shiftee Foxxe; The King of Town; Ainata; Gone before their time. Gone before they were ready.
  12. [quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1299890836' post='2660678'] How about the PC government members who, judging by the appeals, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar? Good luck to the new PC government members. Your backbench is almost as impressive as your homefield, so I suspect you'll be fine. [/quote] How can you know anything by their appeals...innocence or guilt? I find it funny the accused are not allowed to put up any kind of defense. But hey it isn't your side of the web so all is fair right? "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out..."
  13. [quote name='mikk206' timestamp='1299887131' post='2660560'] Whoa, whoa, did you just say that about your own alliance? Cause you're getting your butts kicked by RoK while mods are cutting your cheating nations down. What can be more pathetic. [/quote] Obvious troll is ...well stupid.
  14. Give us, us free! Give us, us free!! Give us, us free!!!
  15. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1299876325' post='2660271'] to think otherwise would be a huge mistake. Rok would rather fight you on the battlefield rather than in court [/quote] And that is why I have enjoyed this war so much. Good fight so far!
  16. I am not speaking officially, but I don't think Rok had much to do with it. But I could be highly mistaken.
  17. I really am at a loss. Thanks for the all the encouraging words. It seems the only way for anyone to beat PC is divine intervention.
  18. Too bad he didn't sign his real name..."Charlie Sheen" WINNING!!!
  19. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1299343991' post='2653555'] Cheers bro. But yeah, totally, I brought it up just to nitpick. Or maybe because I think bringing anything OOC, but especially something of that magnitude, into a declaration of war is silly. Even more so when it is mentioned in the sentence which says who they are declaring on and why. I said I was sorry for their loss, that I'd obviously read it differently than intended, and explained why. So get off your high horse. [/quote] So yet again...you pick on someone who has passed away to step on your soap box. You stay classy bag o' !@#$%!! Let me guess you will respond...yet again...saying why they were wrong. But you will say..."sorry for your loss...BUT...blah blah blah". It continues to amaze me how classless people will be just to make their point. OCC or not.
  20. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1299341665' post='2653526'] If it was a footnote I wouldn't have said anything. It was its placement here that caught my attention: Tonight, in support of our allies, and to honour the memory of a fallen brother, we declare war on the New Pacific Order. I guess I'm just reading it differently than it was intended, and I'll drop it now, it just seemed to be suggesting that the DoW was in some way avenging him. [/quote] It's official...people will nitpick ANYTHING. WC..you look like a class A !@#$% right now. I think you are the only single person that read it like that.
  21. You know that part in "Swingers" where Jon Favreau keeps calling that girl he just got the phone number from...where you find yourself screaming at the screen to tell him to STOP CALLING...STOP TALKING.... This reminds me of that and Penkala. Dude just stop. It's painful.
  22. Yeah same here. US...and CN is slow. Forums too...
  23. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1296364667' post='2610488'] When dad gets home, he's gonna be [i]so[/i] mad. [/quote] Did you do something to piss off your daddy again? I told you to leave that apple pie alone!
  24. [quote name='JBone' timestamp='1296156863' post='2605949'] Been the roller, been rolled......no biggie Bob. It tends to keep things interesting. [/quote] Have always quietly appreciated your view sir. Good luck out there.
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