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  1. I love a good bloc party. o/ Mother Invicta o/ SNX o/ Aftermath Let the purges begin!
  2. Peace in our time! Special shout out to LoD. Stay classy sir! (I still want you to make me a ribbon :P)
  3. Glad to see this finally. Well fought all around, however... Dreamweaver, when you say you are keeping people in PM as a reserve, please bring them out to play at some point during the war. This could have been far more destructive. o/ us o/ GATO o/ peace in our time
  4. Tragic. Best wishes to his friends, family, and comrades in NG. RIP
  5. Alright, I'm feeling left out over here. COME AT ME! o/
  6. This is kind of sad to see, but if CN can make it at least 10 years, it's had a good run, o/
  7. We got used to getting dogpiled so much that anything in the 1-3 AA range is more than doable. Be it Pacifica or otherwise. o/
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