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  1. Could have called it the Stockholm Accords
  2. A nice way to look at it. The alliance has gained an identity, since, much different from the other Orders. Very different people run it now and I am fine with it.
  3. NpO searching for its own identity was its undoing. I don't think it has really found one yet. I do not hate the New Polar Order in the same way I hated LUE, GOONS or others back in the day. It is not deep flowing cultural hatred. I do feel a personal slight was done to me, since the alliance I sacrificed my reputation for (yours) left us stranded on the battlefield.
  4. The New Polar Order was created as a satellite in the blue team to recruit nations that would otherwise pick the NAAC and add numbers to the enormous list of NPO enemies. The NSO was created as a safe have for a group of miscreants, people that had fallen out of favor and others that were jaded with the NPO run world of the day. I was one of them. The alliances sole connection, in my opinion, was Ivan Moldavi. There is, otherwise, very little in common between the two.
  5. It seems clear to me that the Blue Colony has long outlived its purpose in this world
  6. [quote name='Chris Kaos' timestamp='1329921075' post='2925553'] I agree with you. The NPO villainry was the best thing for that game, and by setting GATO up as the anti-thesis to them, the GATO-NPO rivalry bascally drove the first 12-18 months of this game. The Great War era was undeniably the best this game's had. Sigh, the League. It had such promise. You're bang on about the NAAC and Legion, although I still genuinely feel like GWIII was winnable. But the plan that the Legion and NAAC came up with was pretty much the worst plan I'd ever heard of, or it would be, if it hadn't been the [i]exact same plan the NAAC used in GWII[/i]. AlmightyGrub really, really f-ed the dog on that one, and because VL Empire (who was actually a good, competent battlefield commander) was Prime Minister of Legion at the time, the Legion's MoD just dumbly nodded and did whatever the NAAC wanted, despite GATO being pummeled and screaming at them that they were doing the wrong thing. And we all know what happened then. [/quote] You give yourself too much credit. LUE was the enemy, you were their larger, foolish sidekicks. GWIII was lost for you the moment it started.
  7. [quote=Kaos]That was basically NPO standard operating procedure back then. They delighted in ruining people and alliances. They had no qualms about doing anything in order to win, and there were a lot of people who tried to be genuinely honest and upstanding in CN who just couldn't keep up with the NPO's practices. For those of you who haven't been around long than, let's say, a few months leading up to Karma, you really can't understand how bad they were. MK and friends have tried to be villains, but there's just nothing like vintage NPO villainry.[/quote] Yes. This is absolutely correct. Other than the fact Grenval was "genuinely honest and upstanding" or didn't want to do anything within his power to win. Grenval was just as much of a scumbag as people like me were. I knew him very well. He just happened to lose whilst we happened to win. Big deal, that is the whole difference. If you have access to the old CN forums, check out [url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/index.php?showtopic=62670&hl="]this[/url] thread. It was one of the most gratifying moments of my experience in CN. The enemy was humbled, defeated and drowning in self pity and sorrow. That was Grenval's last moment . To the end, he refused to accept that defeat was [i]his [/i]responsibility and [i]his [/i]alone. It was a rewarding moment. I have played CN intermittently since the first Unjust War, which I believe was the end of an era - the end of whatever useful contribution my generation had to give to this game. Since then, I have been on the losing side pretty much every time. I blame no one but myself. My inconsistency, my inability to shoulder on and adapt to the changes in the game put me in the place I am now. This applies to all those I consider "my crew", scattered and inactive as we are. The cadre that had been defeated countless times by our hand learned their lessons, fought and rose to power. Congratulations to them.
  8. Congratulations, comrade Tygaland. I am happy to see you alive and well.
  9. This victory should have been ours! Two years ago we had the chance to change history together. It was the lack of ambition of one man that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and forced us back into obscurity. The rest is history,
  10. [quote name='Mr Garcia' timestamp='1328366759' post='2914432'] Exactly. Who cares about who admitted defeat? Seems to me that both sides got out of the war without losing face. Not on equitable terms, but worthwhile to both anyway. The parties in question can always state their own opinions on how they would like history to be written. So the NPO claims victory and then posts these terms? Well, then FAN can make a post confirming that they signed the quoted terms, adding: "We are delighted that we got this peace. While it may look like a defeat to most outside observers, it was actually a strategic victory for us. Free beer and gun porn ITT. Hail us!" Instead, what we get is whining: "ZOMG we weren't informed that your announcement would include your own interpretation of who won. No fair!!! We still hate you guys by the way." Once upon a time, FAN's universal response to that kind of whining was: "Do something about it." That's still good advice. [/quote] What you dwell on in the first paragraph happened once. It was called the Great War.
  11. Yes, I still live and it seems I have missed an entire imperial era. Congratulations, Brehon. I do not know you but I hope you succeed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I will direct my old, tired person to the best retirement community in the land, the New Sith Order.
  12. Good luck, Random. I'm sure you'll institute some much needed change within the alliance.
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