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Hi. I'm a boy.....

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Rebel Virginia


OMG! A boy! And on the internet too! What a highly unusual thing. Who would have ever expected such an unexpectable thing to happen? Well, I can't say I can provide pics. I just hope you believe me. Anyway I really hope you guys won't treat me any differently than you would otherwise, and I don't want to be treated otherwise. I'm not pointing out my boyishness for attention or anything. Believe me. That is the last thing I'd ever want to do. I just thought you'd want to know that I'm a boy. And on the internet too! Anyway, I'm going soon. I'll be back again tomorrow to remind you that I'm a boy in case you forget. *giggles*

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wanna link me to whatever the hell this is about

This is about nothing in particular. I just figured now was as good as time as any for a casual mention that I'm a boy. *giggles*

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I must admit that I always find it suspicious when someone feels it necessary to mention their penis in every conversation...

Besides, isn't Virginia a girl's name?


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