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  1. blueski


    Thanks for the update, still doesn't have GOONS on GDA.
  2. I have a soft spot for NEW, but I don't think that influences my thought that they'd win too much.
  3. Prolonging the inevitable and racking up even more fines isn't going help you. Move in with a relative and get a job if you don't have one.
  4. Okay, its a Canadian thing. Cool.
  5. Your renditions of Peggy and memoryproblems are spot on, I'd like to hear Alterego sometime.
  6. Like with boy parts and everything? HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA
  7. I can actually see (in reasonable amounts) forced member transfers being a more palatable and fun alternative to reparation payments.
  8. blueski

    The Real

    You should join GOONS.
  9. blueski

    The Real

    Holy !@#$, a HoT post I can mostly agree with.
  10. blueski

    How 3v1s should be

    Don't ever surrender then.
  11. blueski

    A small proposal

    Is the title your pick up line?
  12. Right, his banning on MK's board had everything to do with his perceived position on the enemy side and nothing to do with !@#$ting up every thread in the sub-forum. What other golden nuggets do you have to share today?
  13. blueski

    You're Welcome CN

    its so beautiful...
  14. blueski

    NPO war stats

    Really? I hadn't noticed.
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