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...yet Boxxy never was.

the entire point was to cause controversy, it worked well considering all the hatred towards that avi, didn't it?

on topic: I remember when the static avis first occurred and still have one on my photobucket from that era.

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I changed back to my normal one. Being ironic wasn't fun after a week or so. And I actually think the PC static one is quite photogenic.

Mod sass will not be tolerated :awesome:

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jgator, Don and Derwood are certainly not the only people being remembered.

And PC is not the only alliance that was effected; CoJ "lost" a nation. What are we "remembering"? Actions have consequences.

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Mod sass will not be tolerated :awesome:

Who's sassing?

I do miss the moderator cats avy though.

It really is. The PC emblem goes so well with the static.

PC should really consider using a static instead of a white background on their flag.

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