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    This is so the part of the movie where the sidekick gets it!
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  1. The lack of a tribe Dresden in this is deeply troubling.
  2. Beat you for the day total. You know it's a slow news day when a mod is in top 5.

  3. I had to click every which way to figure out what you meant. Call me in 5,000 posts :P

  4. Beating you for posts right now...

  5. If I used Winter Court, I'd get raided now. I use it or Arctis Tor in my nation name and capital, though.

  6. your alliance name should be "Winter Court" not cn staff

  7. You get "Ghost Story" yet? Have to say it's probably my 2nd favorite, "Fool Moon" being my favorite.

  8. I now know who killed me.

  9. You're secretly a spambot on other sites.

  10. I know it's a slow day when I'm on the top posters for the day.

  11. Better get talking, I'm about to pass you in posts for the day.

  12. Six months? Hm. I must have missed it. :/

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