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Always Enough Man Love To Go Around


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[quote][center][color="#000080"][size=6]The Man Love Accords[/size][/color]



We, the sovereign and honorable supreme representatives of the undersigned alliances and nations that reside on Planet Bob, seek to insure hippydom and a false sense of security in our poor, maligned subjects by extending our benevolent and well intentioned influence among the undersigned nations in alliances, in order to create a bond forged in the fires of Mordor and held together by the bonds of true love, hereby enter this bloc dedicated to the giving of military aid, man love, and financial bailouts.

[center]Article I: Mutual Defense[/center]

Any unwanted advances, groping, or other hostilities upon a member of any of the majestic undersigned nations and alliances is considered an act of heinous aggression against all of those whose names are below. Retribution will be brutal, swift, and will not cease until all the undersigned parties consent to grant peace over some Minute Maid Lemonades and a game of Go Fish. In the event of an unsanctioned operation against the undersigned parties diplomatic channels may remain open.

[center]Article II: Mutual Aggression[/center]

In the event of an act of aggression by any signatory, the remaining undersigned parties are compelled to act swiftly and with equal force. Failure to do so will result in hurt feelings and the voiding of all articles of this pact.

[center]Article III: Espionage[/center]

The undersigned signatories are compelled to share any findings from acts of espionage with the other parties immediately. In the event that the possibility of espionage is discussed before hand amongst the undersigned alliances and nations, a 2/3 majority is sufficient to prevent any party from conducting the proposed espionage. If any of the undersigned parties conducts espionage against another signatory, this pact will be revoked immediately following a 24-hour truce. This truce is to be null and void if any of the signatories are found to be in bed with another alliance and/or nation.

[center]Article IV: Termination[/center]

These accords shall be terminated in the event that any signatory chooses the incomprehensible option of exiting this benevolent agreement or if Articles II and/or III are violated by a member alliance. If one of the undersigned chooses to terminate this pact they must grant the other signatories a 72-hour period in which to enact any rage fueled revenge. During this period they are fully bound to adhere to any and all of the provisions that have been laid forth in this benevolent pact.

Signed on Behalf of the Magnificent Nation of Kalar

Ras, Hereno

Signed on Behalf of the Sovereign Empire of North Machiavelli

Emperor, Ying Yang Mafia

Signed on Behalf of the Glorious Cardassian Union

Legate, Jonathan Archer[/quote]

TL;DR: The Man Love Accords have been upgraded to a bloc and now include Jonathan Archer.

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[quote name='Eric Cantona' date='09 June 2010 - 08:07 PM' timestamp='1276128408' post='2330843']
Notice how it says [b]Alliance[/b] Announcements?

Originally the Man Love Accords were a historic agreement signed between a mighty alliance and an individual nation. We felt that nostalgia dictated that we post this in the same location as the original, groundbreaking accords.

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