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Episode IV: A New Hoth

Shan Revan

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With the sudden and whimsical disappearance of Artuurica upon some international decision, the Naboo refugees were once again without a home. Tired of shuffling from land to land, staying in makeshift camps and taking alms, it was finally decided, over the remaining Naboo satellite internet network that they would find a place where they could be alone and start a new on their own land, on their own terms.

This is what their previous empire had treasured about its artificial island, it had no history, no one desired it and nothing else was associated with it. It was their home and that was all. So after examining a map there was only one place to do this. It would be tough, and they would need all their remaining numbers to gather. Once a population of over a hundred million citizens, now less than a million worldwide. They still had vast technology at their collective disposal, but had absolutely no industry to make use of it. So every man, women and child was invaluable in constructing this new nation. After Obtaining permission from the appropriate government bodies, a message was sent out to the various scattered refugees around the world to gather on the southern main island of Southern Pacifica. This land had once been home to a staunch ally of Naboo many years ago. Perhaps it would be home to an ally again, for with their help they planned to build their new nation, Hoth.

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As they began to trickle in, the first task in establishing a new nation was to send surveyors and geologists to the proposed land and make a detailed study of it. Accurate maps would be critical and knowledge of the resources available would be just as important. Two weeks later a large team had assembled for the expedition. Forty scientists boarded their chartered Ice Breaking vessel and sailed south to the Antarctic continent.

In their civilisations prior golden age, such a study could be conducted merely by satellite scans, but these delicate instruments, now float uselessly in the starry sky above, abandoned and derelict with old age and unmaintained. Only a few of their communications satellites remain in operable condition these days, and that was because of their triple fail-safes, relative simplicity and minor self-repair abilities in their designs. Yet even these satellites operate at a fraction of their original capacity. Soon they too would finally die and become space junk.

These days it was a task that required a hundred men, to rapidly and accurately survey such a large expanse of frozen wasteland. They only had 40 people qualified however so far and they could wait no longer. Even with their highly advanced man portable equipment it would be a long and dangerous expedition.

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We wish the refugees of Naboo luck in their aims to establish a new homeland on the shelves of antartica. We offer them the services of our national industrial complex in this matter.

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Six Months would pass before the expedition ended and every minutiae was logged about their new home to be. It had been determined that the best course of action would be to dig into the coastal mountains in the region, both for shelter and for warmth. Beneath the surface was an active volcanic region and thus a large geothermal network could be easily built to provide power for their emerging home. So necessary was it that construction of massive geothermal power-generators had already begun construction by contractors in Greater Pacifica. They would use the same technology used to once build their island nation to create a large network of tunnels to draw in water, superheat it and run it through super-efficient power-generators, returning the spent water to the sea at approximately sea temp.

It was another Six months before the first one came online and with one of five great generators online, things would rapidly begin to advance. Great lasers, expolsives and behomoth machines set to work on creating the first shelter in the mountains. Within months enough space was carved out to house ten thousand people. In this space, temporary, modular structures were rapidly constructed and a small, frozen city was taking hold in and on the coastal mountains.

It would take another year for each generator and corresponding city to be constructed, another four years till completion.

However with the a rudimentary capital in place, and basic facilities, it was time to declare a new nation. An address to the world was made.

Long we refugees have been scattered and dependent upon a variety of nations, sometimes we have been oppressed whilst in other cases we have been welcomed. Our people have long suffered without a nation but today that is no more. Although many of us are still refugees spread around the world, but most specifically Greater Pacifica, today we stand proud and united in announcing the creation of a new Naboo Nation, Hoth. Named after a mythical icy world where a great battle once took place we shall forge our new home in this harshest of continents.

At present, we are operating under a representative democracy of sorts, however such arrangements are temporary until a formal constitution can be ratified. Although the construction of our nation is ongoing, and as of yet can only house a fraction of our refugee population, Greater Pacifica has kindly allowed our people a place to stay in preparation. If at all possible, I invite all refugees and decendents of Naboo to the secured Naboo refugee zone to await and assist in the constructing of this nation.

To all foreign nations, we welcome foreign diplomats and communications. At present we are in dire need of industrial and material assistance in getting of the ground and welcome all humanitarian aid. We may be a proud people but we can not do this alone.

Finally, here is a map of our borders.[img]http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/3269/hoth.png[/img]


Several embassies were rapidly constructed on the surface for any possible diplomatic visits. However, none were really expected, after all they were still a backwards hell hole carved into the ice and rock. The only reason one lived here was because of what it could be. The only reason a diplomat is likely to be sent here is for punishment they concluded. Still, they were hopeful for assistance.

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"Food, clothing and health equipment is always in short supply among the refugees and would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise heavy machinery, capable of the Antarctic climate is our next limiting factor in construction. Should you decide to send an ambassador we shall accommodate them to the best of our ability, but for the time being this nation is not exactly luxurious. If you understand this then they would be most welcome to visit."

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"We must first find an ambassador we feel capable of tolerating the extreme conditions they will face before sending one. However, food, clothing, and medicine are things we have enough of to share. Unfortunately, our machinery is adapted more to hot and dry, or hot and humid, than the bitter cold of the Antarctic regions."


It was a testament to the humanitarian nature that still stuck with many Australians, that even during time of war, they were willing and able to help those less fortunate than themselves. While they could hardly supply the entire new nation on their own, they could send two ship loads of the promised supplies. Which they did, without delay.

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As fellow settlers of Antarctic territory the Kingdom of Cochin offers to assist Naboo in its endeavors. As a gesture of goodwill the Kingdom is sending to you a charted freighter full of food, arctic clothing and fuel.

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A Convoy of vehicles from the Canadian base in Antarctica has been dispatched to Hoth full of arctic clothing, food, fuel and building materials.
An Antonov jet has also been dispatched to return the drivers of the Convoy because the specially built Arctic vehicles are also a gift.

100 Antarctic specified vehicles.
Enough building material and sturdy, temporary accomadation for 5000 people.

The Antonov will also be carrying portakabins for 200 people which are easy to construct.

Emperor Bonaparte I
Imperium of Canada

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