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Piat Colada!

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How to make a P.I.A.T Colada

Step 1: Sovereignty

First take a Legion and crack open the shell. Next set the Imperial aside in a bowl of ice and empty the rest of the contents into a pot and cook over a stove for 5-10 minutes. Now set Cossar and your Julius aside in the same bowl as your Imperial and then take 2 cups of Troy and boil it in a separate pot. It is highly important that your Legion and Troy remain independent of one another. If you get any Nedved_I in your Troy before it's had a chance to cook the whole concoction's pretty much ruined.

Step 2: Peace

After your Legion and your Troy are done cooking, begin pouring the Legion into the Troy. It is highly important that the sweet and tangy flavors of Legion never conflict with the subtle and exotic flavors of Troy. You'll, therefore, need to be careful therefore to add just the right amount of Lord Fingolfin (1-1.5 cups depending on how much Plebe you have). Should you have a conflict of flavors you must remedy the concoction within 48 hours. Should you fail to do so within that time, you'll end up with what we call a "Rogue" instead of a PIAT Colada and it'll have to be disposed of accordingly.

Step 3: Intelligence

Once you have the right mix of Legion and Troy, you're about ready to add in your Imperial, Cossar and Julius. Dump your ice along with Imperial, Cossar and Julius into an ice crusher. Next add any critical information you have in stock to the Imperial/Cossar/Julius ice mixture and toss it around a bit with a spoon. It's crucial that critical information be distributed evenly throughout the mixture and between the two drinks, or else one might end up too sour.

Step 4: Aid

At this point you'll want to put in the finishing touches. If your Troy is being overpowered and your drink is too sweet, it's highly recommended that you give it some extra MoWNYCGIBB, some Kingkaimen or even some Draco to give it some more kick. Conversely, should Legion be overpowered and the drink is too stong, we recommend giving it a bit more Totem to help.


Should you decide making this drink is way too much @#$!ing effort it can be disposed of. However, due to the highly volatile chemicals used in its making you'll need to call specialized professionals to dispose of it properly. It will take them 72 hours to respond. Should either Legion or Troy be taken off the food market, this recipe is rendered null and void.

Ingredients list:


Julius Octavian of Roman Empire II, Basilias of Troy

Cossar of Costania, Rigas of Troy

MoWNYCGIBB of Majik, Councilor of Upkeep

DracoDark of Drakenguard, Councilor of Finance

KingKaimen of KingSpanKaimen, Councilor of the Military


Imperial of Imperial Empire, Imperator

Hubb of WV United Republic, Proconsul

Lord Fingolfin of Dorthonion, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Totem of Ciumideii, Minister of Defense

Emperor Power of Arcadian Empire, Minister of Internal Affairs

Konkrage of Konkrage1, Minister of Economics

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