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Cyberian Tiger Alliance DoE


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The Cyberian Tiger Alliance hearby declares its existence

Preamble and Statement of Purpose

The Cyberian Tiger Alliance (henceforth, "CTA") is the official alliance of the Siberian Tiger Alliance ("STA") in Cybernations Tournament Edition. CTA exists primarily to help STA members practice military coordination with one another as well as have fun. Despite the focus on STA coordination and relations, CTA is open to certain non-STA members.

Government Structure

All sovereignty and authority with respect to CTA is hereby reserved to and held by the Emperor of the CTA. The Emperor may appoint a replacement for himself at any point in time. At the end of a TE round, the Emperor of the new round will be selected by the departing Emperor who may select himself if he wishes.

The Emperor shall appoint an Imperial Regent and must ensure that the position is filled at all times. The Imperial Regent shall assume acting status of Emperor in the event that the Emperor is unable to fulfill his duties temporarily. The Imperial Regent shall become Emperor in the event that the Emperor resigns without appointing a successor. The Emperor may replace the Imperial Regent at any time, provided that the Emperor is not facing a vote of removal.

Under no circumstance may the position of Emperor or Imperial Regent be held by a non-STA member. Should the membership status of either the Emperor or Imperial Regent change such that the position is held by a non-STA member, it shall be considered that the position is immediately vacant due to resignation.


The Emperor of the CTA may be removed from office by a 3/4 affirmative vote of CTA members who are also STA members. Voting shall last no longer than 48 hours and a subsequent vote of removal may not be brought up against the same person until 96 hours have passed since the previous vote. Removal is immediate. In the event of removal, The Imperial Regent shall become Emperor of the CTA.


This Charter may be amended by a 4/5 affirmative vote of CTA members as well as a 3/4 affirmative vote of CTA members who are also STA members. Both requirements must be met for amendment. The Amendment clause itself may only be amended by unanimous vote of the alliance.


Emperor: TheRebel

Imperial Regent: Skippy

War Council: Waycool, Eregor, Iulio Caesaro

Oh, and come hang out in #CTA

Edited by Skippy
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Sorry for the delay in wishing you success with your new alliance. I sincerely hope that you guys have a great run this round!

I miss you papa bear, come home soon?

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