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New Era Announcement!

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Sad News for today's announcement. After about 5 Months of activity New Era has failed to meet certain requirements that we held ourselves to believe we had. Over the past few months, Government/Citizen activity has decreased, although our NS has increased.

In the past months our DoD, DoK, and DoA have gone inactive, and just recently our Chancellor resigned, and our DoK resigned from NE as a whole. Another factor was a huge RL slap in the face for most of our gov.

You can't run an alliance without proper authority, or the correct figureheads, so we put up a vote to merge. The vote stood for 24 hrs and the majority was for the proposal.

New Era hereby Merges into NATO, our Great Protectors. We had a great run, it was fun while it lasted, and I enjoyed meeting all of our supporters we had along the way.

One last o/ New Era!






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Glad to have you aboard but still sad NE will be no more =/ Great group and we enjoyed working with you this whole time! Now we can help each other even more closely!

Btw even with all this rl stuff thats been holding these guys back they threw out a 33% ns increase this last month which is huge for an alliance of their size. Everyone throw em a round of applause!

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it is always a sad day when an alliance falters...they did not fail...it was a pleasure protecting NE and getting to know their members, they felt like our brothers and sisters already...

I welcome you all with open arms...welcome to your new home...make yourselves at home..it is your home...

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1 last o/NewEra

oh this sucks

New Era was an awesome experience i learned alot about CN, alliances and about my self on the way it is really sad to see all that we worked for come to an end but we had no choice im currently working 13hr+ aday with 1 day off very 2 weeks that leaves me no time to sit on irc or our forums and help much so i had to resign as i was holding us back, and well our gov just wasnt there anymore leaving rosen to bare the weight himself which isnt fair,

i look foward to my days in NATO :Do/ to all that helped us along the way if you need me ill be in #cnnato

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