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Roman Empire DoE


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Roman Empire Declaration of Existence

Because we know you all care so very deeply, we thought we should announce our existence (again) to the world. This will be our sixth round of Tournament Edition as an alliance. We're pretty proud of that; not many alliances last that long. We haven't changed much from last round, with the exception of having lost our Praetor of Foreign Affairs to the dreaded RL. We're working on his replacement, and if you care that much to be curious, you can message me.

We're looking forward to a fun round with some good competition. Here's hoping some of the newer alliances can step up to the plate and give us a fight.

Love us or hate us, we're back and ready for action.

Questions/comments/concerns/please for mercy? I would direct you to either our:

Alliance Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Roman_Empire_Forum

IRC Channel: #RomanEmpire on coldfront

Wiki Page: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Roman_Empire

Hail the Empire!


Emperor Tiberius12

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Greetings to you Tiberius, one of the mainstays on Planet Steve. Congratulations on the continuity of the Roman Empire. It is something to be proud of indeed.

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Didn't you once say DoEs were pointless?

Quite true, I did. I made an exception for this round because there are a number of new alliances coming onto the scene, so providing our contact information/basic information seemed like a prudent choice.

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