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UPN protects Psychobilly

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UPN will be protecting Psychobilly from now on. Text below. Also... Solomon :wub:

Psychobilly Protectorate Pact


As of the ratification of this document the Psychobilly alliance is afforded full protection from aggression by the UPN. The UPN shall bring the full support of her diplomacy, economics, and military to bear upon those that aggressively attack Psychobilly . An attack upon Psychobilly shall be considered an attack upon the UPN. Should UPN be attacked, any request for aid shall be considered by the appropriate Psychobilly governing bodies, but they are under no obligation to become involved.


This treaty shall remain in place until one of several conditions are met. The first and foremost goal is to allow Psychobilly time to grow and establish their position on Planet Bob. Should Psychobilly attain a membership of 50 nations & 500k nation strength, then that goal shall have been achieved, and this pact shall become null. Should Psychobilly become the aggressor in a conflict without the agreement of Psychobilly first, then this treaty shall become null. Should Psychobilly be involved in any asshattery as determined by the UPN government (including but not limited to spying and trolling), this treaty is to be declared null upon the ruling of the UPN government. This treaty may be canceled by either party following a 48 hour grace period starting with the notification of the other party.

Signed for by the UPN-

Altheus- Founder of the UPN

Hansarius- Chancellor

Abdur- Minister of Recruitment

WarlordNazrag- Minister of Defense

Becks for Dinner- Minister of Internal Affairs

Sephirdorf- Minister of Foreign Affairs

DonVox- Minister of Finance

AncientIago- Minister of Communications

Signed for by the Psychobilly-

Solomon of Republic of Umar- Elder

Ragnar Lothbrok of Danegeld- Elder

Tipsy McWhiskeydrunk of After Hours- Elder


Edited by Altheus
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I really like the way this treaty is written. Best of luck to the both of you.

I really liked the anti-schizophrenia clause ...

Should Psychobilly become the aggressor in a conflict without the agreement of Psychobilly first, then this treaty shall become null


Anyhoo ... moving along ..

o/ UPN

o/ Crazy little goats

o/ Purple

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