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"Moderation Issues"


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I have a question with respect to what is considered "moderation issues." More specifically to flaming/trolling/etc.

Which words are against the forum rules due to directly being "moderation issues?" It has come to my attention that "flaming" is considered a moderation issue now (incidentally I was reported for this after being told by a third party that it was warn worthy and having editted my post) and I guess I am curious for the sake of wanting to prevent warns what terminology is considered to be discussing moderation issues. I think some choice terminology is obvious - trolling, filter evasion, etc, but a lot fits into a grey area that I am not sure about and would prefer to know rather than find out by receiving a warn for.







Which sorts of words are not allowed under the "no moderation issues outside of moderation forum" part of forum rules? Is there a list somewhere?

If I say someone is trying to "bait me" is that a warnable offense in IC areas?

I hope this is clear, as someone who is becoming more intimate with the different ways one can be on the receiving end of this stuff I want to know which terminology is ok to use to describe posts directed towards me.

Thanks in advance!

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The purpose behind the rule is to stop players from accusing others of breaking rules inside thread.

The best way to look at it is if you want to say someone is breaking a rule (ie trolling flaming bating or any other offense) then file a report about it and do not bring it up inside the thread.

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Then why are some banned player's names filtered as "banned player"?

The auto-replace has to be manually done, usually as a result of excessive mention of that player or attempting to pass along messages from them. It's not automatic for all players upon their banning.

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Most cases are handled on a case by case basis. But generally some common sense is required. If you think someone is breaking the rules, report it in the correct forum rather than just continuing to comment on it in the same thread because that only makes the issue worse.

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