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  1. But the question is...is Evenstar really old? The world will never know. o.o

  2. I get it from you telling us you wanted to live in New Zealand. :v:

  3. Where do you get Kiwi wannabe from? Not that it's inaccurate.

  4. I see you, Kiwi wannabe woman.

  5. Though, my reporting didn't go so well, I appreciate your time in the matter. Have a nice day!

  6. WAR IT IS!

    SPAMMITY SPAM SPAM UNEVEN STAR. Spammity spam spam.

  7. Holy crap, a mod that comments in profiles. o_O

  8. Are YOUUU still alive?

  9. Let me say that it was a pleasure to have you visit me. Next time I will endeavour to be appropriately attired for the occasion. ;)

  10. You SO aren't even. You're odd, like 3.

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