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World Federation (WF) Announcement

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For those that have not heard of us, we're World Federation, the future of CN. We have members all around the world. We live in a cool and fun atmosphere within this great alliance. Some question how did we grow so quick?, how did we pull this off?, Well friendship is what pulled it off. This awesome alliance started approximately 50 days ago, and were originally founded by rl friends. Then some of our friends bragged their other friends to register for Cybernations :P . Plus we have a great recruiting team :rolleyes: . 50-55 days of existence, and we're already at 140+ members. We're just one big happy family from all around the globe. Even though we're young & are still considered ''nubs'', we don't envision ourselves to be just ''another'' alliance, we envision ourselves to be ''The'' alliance one day.

Site: www.WorldFed.webs.com | IRC: #WF

Also, we would like to announce the new government of WF.

The Supreme Council

Enrage (President of the Council)



Regina Caritas Mundi





Baron VonNapalm


Minister of Education: PrettyPanda

Deputy Minister of Defense: Feral Wolf


General: Trint7

Here are some pics of our alliance, our amigos, our family, our World Federation.











PS, we would also like to thank for all the help we received from others, thank you rajistani of GDA, Firkked of Hydra, & seiphercaim of Vahalla.

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Good luck, hope you do well. :)

Hey, congratulations on your new government and very impressive membership count after such a short time. I look forward to seeing more announcements from you.

o/ WF

Are you a migrating duck then Sileath?

New alliance and it hasn't been a month, good choice though. :wub: MHA

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Are you a migrating duck then Sileath?

New alliance and it hasn't been a month, good choice though. :wub: MHA

Yes, I enjoy getting involved in different communities to get more perspective on CN.

I've been fond of MHA for quite some time, but only recently got around to putting in an application. Better late than never, etc :awesome:

Migrating duck - I like that :D

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Congrats WF... all luck to prospering and growth.

May war and famine avoid your wonderful alliance.

Just remember that this is the honeymoon season and all seems well... for now.

P.S. you truly are noobs if you can't even spell it lol... ;)

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