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Saying goodbye to old friends, Hello to even older ones

The Confederation

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Albert Tanzband stood in front of his typical backdrop, this time it was not in the quaint town Königsberg, but in front of the Reichstag in Berlin.

Tanzband smiled while he looked into the camera.

"People of Prussia and of the World...I am Albert Tanzband, patriarch of The House Hohenzollern, and Acting Ministerpräsident of Prussia. Today, the world has it's eyes on Europe, not only how we reform but also how we step forward into the future. Today is the first day of the future of Europe."

A map flashed on the screen.


"Berlin is the historic capital of the Prussian people. We battled Napoleon here, we unified Germany here, and now we return. Berlin shall be the new home of the Prussian Legislative branch, while the office of the Ministerpräsident will remain in Königsberg. This two capital system will not only allow for a true separation of powers in our fledgling government, but also allow for the cultures of Berlin and Königsberg to intertwine, and also preserve their own charms.

Since before the 2nd Nordlandic Reich, Poland has been ruled--not by the Polish, but by Prussians. Now, the Prussian people and the Polish people share a surprising amount of cultural similarities, they are not our own. At midnight tonight, all Ethnic Polish lands south of Martensheim are hereby outside of Prussian government regulation, and shall be placed into a Prussian protectorate status until a suitable government led by the Poles, for the Poles is established."

The Prussian anthem played in the background.

"Today marks the beginning of a new world for Prussia, for Europe, for the world! Today...Monday, June 22nd shall be known to Prussia and the world as 'Reunification Day.' Today is our finest moment."

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Dearest Albert,

I cannot congratulate you enough in words or in phrases at what is transpiring in Europe as I write, but if it anything, it is a dream that is long overdue for both you and myself. Europe owes much to the House of Hohenzollern and to the House of Tanzband, for stability, peace, and progress more so that anything else that could ever be given to fair Europa. The Hanseatic Commonwealth too owes its continued existence to Prussia and to her ever vigilant Emperor that still personifies the principles set forward by Voltaire to your great grandfather of the past, Frederich.

In addition to Prussia's own brilliance and shining moment, you have outdone anything I could ever hope to see in the independence of a people that lay to your southern border. I am sure that in the future, the government of a Free Poland and a Free Prussia will continue to push Europe into a modern era of progress, prosperity, peace, and freedom.

You who I give my heart to day in and day out deserves no less then the love and hope of a leader and her people. If Prussia, ever, would require the assistance of the Hanseatic people then you need only to ask and we will gladly give our hearts and hopes to you.

To Prussia. To Poland. And to you my dear. To a Free Europa.



Sarah smiled as she folded up the paper and placed it into the envelope and for the first time in a long while she grinned, her teeth showing as she passed the envelope to her chamberlain.

"What news Milady?

"Freedom Jess, freedom." She smiled and pulled out a bottle of Pinot Noir aged 1813 passed down through the Tintagyl family for generations. "I believe von Blücher would have appreciated something like this and now I believe Albert will appreciate the same."

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Promised Land recognizes this change. Prussia does seem to be doing its best to right the wrongs of the past, and for that they have our respect.

Slavorussian based internet political forums say this move is "made of win." Slavorussia's government also supports it.

OOC: LOL. I love that little post...

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