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This is one of the most critical, probably even the most critical moment for the movement against the imperialism that has afflicted Cybernations. Those who, up to now, have made their whims the rules by which we live, who have abolished alliances by threats, by intimidation, by overwhelming force, who, in a word, exploit the rulers of nations for their own cynical and sadistic benefit, are attempting by a show of force to prop up the power which they can feel slipping away from their grasp. They have failed to break the will of the people by playing on our semantic differences, they have failed to intimidate Ordo Verde and its valiant allies into base surrender, they have failed to prevent the vast majority of the Cyberverse from rallying to their banner. Only one recourse remains to these rogues, now that intimidation and isolation have failed. They must swiftly refurbish and burnish their rusty war machine and carry it once more into battle, after years of having merely to mention it.

The International is not fooled by this desperate effort. We are, indeed, heartened that events have reached this peak, for from here the forces of Karma, of right and justice, cannot help but overthrow those who played upon their differences and kept them down for so many years. We declare war upon the New Pacific Order because of the treachery it has shown, engaging in peace talks under false pretense; because of the role it has played in the history of the Left, destroying or encouraging the destruction of the several fine or promising alliances; because of our treaty relationship to R&R, who declared war a short while ago, and who we want to support; and because of the and because of the vision we share with movement that is Karma: a world where people can rule their nations without fear of tyranny foreign or domestic.

We fight for the oppressed alliances across this globe, in the memory of alliances, Leftist and not, that have fallen victim to the machinations of the imperialistic Hegemony. We fight also for the average nation rulers of the Hegemony, so that they may live free of the lives of their leaders. We fight for the freedom of all nation rulers.

In the words of a great man, we are the International, and we do not put up with petty !@#$%^&*, not even from the New Pacific Order.

Oppressed people of Cybernations, unite!

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