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Presenting the FCO protectorate pact


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FCO protectorate pact


The Finnish Cooperation Organization hereby agrees to protect the undersigned alliances from harm and will do her best in solving issues that involve these alliances.

Article I: Sovereignty

The Finnish Cooperation Organization will not interfere in the inner workings of any of the protected alliances.

Article II: Friendship

The signatories are not allowed to engage in any form of warfare against one another. The signatories agree to act politely in dealings with one another and

communication is encouraged to furthen relations between the alliances.

Article III: Economy

It is encouraged but not required for the protectorate alliances to switch to the blue team. FCO will help organize trades for blue team nations and tech deals with protectorate alliances.

Article IV: Foreign Affairs

The Finnish Cooperation Organization is willing to resolve possible political issues involving the protected alliances and a third party. The protected alliances agree not to spark conflict with third parties and will consult FCO if anything comes up.

Article V: Defence

Should a protected alliance come under attack by a third party, FCO agrees to defend the protected alliance with every means in her disposal. The protected alliances are encouraged but not required to come to the defence of FCO should she come under attack. This article does not apply to offensive wars and any protected alliance who declares war to a third party without consulting FCO first is not considered a signatory of this pact anymore.

Article VI: Modification

FCO reserves the right to modify this treaty and upon modification it will be shown to the protected alliances who choose whether or not to sign this new, modified treaty.

Article VIII: Cancellation

FCO reserves the right to cancel the protection of any of the protected alliances should they violate any clause of this treaty. Any alliance may also withdraw their signature from this pact, given a 24h warning period.

Signed for FCO:

KanaX, Chancellor

The Senate of FCO:




King Nupe

Signed for NBA:

Cuban the Great One

This pact shall serve as the standard protectorate treaty for any future FCO protectorates, so we're calling it a protectorate pact. I know, we're pretty original! We currently have one protectorate, so we're huge too. Goddamn, we rule! :awesome:

Nonchalant Bipolar Aggressors is a fledgling alliance and we see potential in them. We'll help them organize and protect them from the evils of Cyberverse. Indeed, we're the Messiahs of CN.

tl;dr FCO protects Nonchalant Bipolar Aggressors and declares war on iFOK.

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