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  1. spankthefrank

    CN Person & Alliance of the Year

    you offend me about as much as an over filled trash can, and like the trash you are just something that needs to be taken out from time to time, though i gotta say i do enjoy your crying, which trash has yet to do. But lets be real, you haven't done anything of note in years and even when you did it was always over shadowed by someone else, There's a reason that your aliases have become a verb form for short man syndrome and other undesirable traits.
  2. spankthefrank

    NoR and RHoA war facts

    I have no idea where you got your numbers from, but you are extremely over estimating how much this beat down is costing. as a reference the total cost for my nations during its existence is only around 70 Billion. everyone in this skirmish could be rebuilt with 1 or 2 aid cycles so far. pulling numbers out of the blue isn't the same as math
  3. spankthefrank

    CN Person & Alliance of the Year

    Meth and junka are the yelling, piss and !@#$ covered hobos of CN, just because they are some of the loudest players doesn't mean they are anything of note. they just need to be relocated from time to time, otherwise their stench would be unbearable. well at least meth can drop his IC when he's in OOC areas, so i gotta give him that.
  4. spankthefrank

    Declaration of war on Nordreich

    Paco, your negative ratio is showing.
  5. spankthefrank

    Declaration of war on Nordreich

    Nice! a somewhat early Christmas this year, this is great. I bet your pitiful little member known as Bormann is thankful for your help, all the while you are burning and she stays in pm. Quality memberships you have there meth.
  6. spankthefrank

    When the Wolves got a little too Drunk

    Good to finally see up, good times are ahead
  7. spankthefrank

    Declaration of War on GPA

    You must be really dense, but do go on.
  8. spankthefrank

    Declaration of War on GPA

    Gotta wait a bit, ISX needs to actually be able to afford a round of war.
  9. spankthefrank

    Declaration of War on GPA

    sweetie, wanting to roll GPA is nothing new. Though squashing a war traitor is more fun, especially when they cry as much as you.
  10. spankthefrank

    The End Game of Sir Kindle

    Times really have changed, to think now a days these proud "warriors" would dare to brag about their neutral damage ratio (hahahah) and even be dumb enough to put it in their sig. It really brings a smile to my face.
  11. spankthefrank

    Alliance Discord Thread

    we have kept ours private. but since is is the most efficient way of contacting us, i have created an open channel Last Call is located at https://discord.gg/hQBXjHX
  12. spankthefrank

    Resignation and Ultimatum from the Imperium

    (ooc) then you literally shouldn't post ooc while in a ic only forum (/ooc) This topic really should have been called "First 24 hours of raid- Admission of defeat and temper tantrums from ISX HQ" Enjoy the generous peace you have been granted.
  13. spankthefrank

    Resignation and Ultimatum from the Imperium

    You seem fine with staying near there without outside intervention. So the only way we can punish your crimes are through collective punishments. which will hopefully open up the eyes of ISXs membership and let them see you as the root cause of their issues. But I do hope for the sake of ISX, that only there was only need of one round of chemo.
  14. spankthefrank

    Resignation and Ultimatum from the Imperium

    Sometimes a single chemo treatment is enough to save the afflicted, other times countless amount of treatments are needed. If this first treatment didn't take, then we will return to save not only ISX, but the rest of Bob from this pitiful pathogen known as junktard
  15. spankthefrank

    Resignation and Ultimatum from the Imperium

    I have this funny feeling Kash will be fine, most will even laugh at your weak attempts at "warring"