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  1. Doesn't mean they didn't ask us, which they did.
  2. Welcome to the battlefield OG, you have been expected.
  3. Latexi

    Operation Longboats & Beer Notes

    It's already too late
  4. Latexi

    Doom Kingdom DoW

    Funny how that happens when the link you sent them directs to Unknown Smurfs post on the 4th page of this thread. Well done, stone. You really got the point across.
  5. Latexi


    Flags aren't the same size. You had one job and you blew it.   Grats on the treaty tho.
  6. Latexi

    NoR-DK Track Accords

    Wow man, you're like mean and stuff.
  7. Latexi

    NoR-DK Track Accords

    o/   It's Doom time baby!
  8. Latexi


    You should come discuss tanks with us sometime. http://cybernations.nordreich.eu/index.php
  9. Latexi


    The new gun mantle was introduced 6 months after the G
  10. Latexi

    Haxan: Doomreich Through The Ages

    We Oro is truly the worst :v:   Also Sigrun come back.
  11. Latexi

    Haxan: Doomreich Through The Ages

    Please don't take the cupcakes away :( Hanssen get's cranky if she doesn't get her daily dose.   o/ DS o/ NoR
  12. Bundeswehr as a whole still uses the odal rune as a NCO rank insignia.
  13. Latexi

    FAN Announcement

    Have fun FAN.
  14. Latexi

    Disciples of Destruction Declaration

    Yes we're such horrible people us finns. How dare we hurt your precious feelings.
  15. Latexi

    Disciples of Destruction Declaration

    You should remove your nostalgia goggels.