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The Kingdom of Cochin Chronicles

king of cochin

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The Kingdom was first called the Kingdom of Tripunithura.

Its history is as follows:



Official Name: The Kingdom of Tripunithura

Capital: Cochin

Population: 1.183 Billion

Other major cities: Tripunithura, Trichur, Palakkad, Nilambur, Ponnani, Kodungalloor, Kavaratti.

Official Language: Malayalam, English

Other languages: Hindi, Tamil

Government type: Monarchy

Head of State: His Highness Rama Varma

The Kingdom of Tripunithura exists between 9 d 52' N and 11 d 15' N latitudes and 75 d 50' E and 77 d 16' E longitudes and also the island chain of Lakshadweep. The Arabian Sea forms the western coast and the Western Ghats form the eastern boundary of the Tripunithura State. The nation is surrounded on all three sides by the Republic of Travancore-Cochin.Here is an account of the history of the Kingdom of Tripunithura and the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin....

The pro democracy movements in Cochin that were triggered by the abolishment of monarchy unsettled the reigning octagenarian monarch whose administration was failing. The defence forces had gone into decline and the smiths, foundries and metal works which formed the back bone of Cochin ordinance based industries had fallen into disrepair.It was at this time that seditious forces inspired by the Zamorin of Malabar started an insurgency that forced the senile King of Tripunithura to abdicate the throne. But after the abdication the Malabar sponsored terrorists showed their true colors and caused Malabar forces to invade the Kingdom of Tripunithura. Now the deposed king seceded the kingdom to Travancore-Cochin and self exiled to his remain territories in the island chain of Lakshadweep on 3 August, 2007.He swore that before long the Darbar shall hold court in the palaces of Tripunithura and shall make mincemeat of the vaunted armies of Zamorin. The King of Tripunithura passed away on 12 August, 2007 and the present king, His Highness Rama Varma ascended the throne. He was great grand nephew of the late King Kerala Varma.

This king had and extra reason for seeking vengeance. His mother is a princess of the Kingdom of Nilambur and he was to become the Crown prince of Nilambur. But the Kingdom of Nilambur was laid waste and annhilated by the Zamorins destroying the Present king's maternal ancestry.

The new king gave special impetus to the growing army of Cochin which was formed of the exiled people of Cochin and the islanders of Lakshadweep.

The king created the Royal Tripunithura Defense Forces, a predominantly Marine military unit. The army had 2 frigates and 2 minesweepers which formed the remnants of the old Royal Tripunithura Navy. The Kingdom also bought two diesel submarines. The air force consisted of 3 vintage Harrier jets which were brought to top levels of maintenance and fighting ability through special jamming systems and munitions. There were also 10 vintage hueys and 3 Mi-35 Hinds which made the backbone of the Army. The land forces consisted of T-72 tanks, BTR80 and BMP2 APCs and Willys Jeeps.

On September 1, 2007 at 0230 IST, the Royal Tripunithura Defense Forces (RTDF) struck at various points of Zamorin Malabar as part of the invading army of Republic of Travancore-Cochin. The crack teams of RTDF SAS decapiatated the invader govt offices in Calicut and the Naval forces sunk 2 Destroyers and 5 submarines that laid anchor at Calicut Naval Base. The submarines of RTDF also laid waste the Battleship Marakkar of Zamorin which was steaming near Calicut.

By 1930 IST September 19, 2007 Republic of Travancore-Cochin, assisted by RTDF defeated Malabar and annexed its territories.

On 26 September, 2007 Malabar formally became a province of Republic of Travanvore-Cochin.

Soon discussions started between the King Rama Varma and the Republic of Travancore-Cochin. It was decided that the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochn will be split into two with the southern half being gifted to the Republic of Travancore-Cochin as thanks to the support and aid they have provided to the beleaguered Kingdom. The northern half of the Kingdom including the city of Cochin will form the new Kingdom of Tripunithura with its capital at Cochin.

The Kingdom formally came into being on 01 january, 2008 0000 hours IST.

On ascending throne HH. Rama Varma announced a wide range of policy changes in the governance of the new Kingdom which include

1) A complete revamp of the Defense forces of the Kingdom so that never again will the Kingdom fall prey to external threats.

2) A new and revitalised Internal security force so that never again shall the Kingdom be crippled by insurgents and terrorists.

3) Complete makeover of Tripunithura's Arms Manufacturing industries so that Tripunithura arms shall once again be the cream of world weaponry.

4) A new foreign policy which shall seek a permanent partnership and special arrangement with the Republic of Travancore-Cochin in all matters.

In the 6 months since the independence the Kingdom of Tripunithura has grown in true testament to the proclamation of the King.Its defence forces are stable and well equipped for its regional defense role. its industries are churning out vast numbers of high quality armaments and the shipyards of Tripunithura are constructing a number of ships and submarines for the refurbished RTDF Navy.The Kingdom of Tripunithura has no expansionist aims. The mainland territories and the island chain of Lakshadweep form the heritage of Tripunithura and they shall be defended at all costs herewith. Tripunithura never forgets the help it received nor does it ever forget the slights it received. Thus begins a new era, a time of prosperity and strength!!!

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Later with the amalgamation of the Travancore and Zamorin kingdoms the Kingdom of Cochin was formed. This is its history.

Government type: Monarchy

Ruler: The King of Cochin, His Highness Rama Varma

Region: South India

Population: 78 Million

Major resources: Coal, Spices, Sandal, Thorium

Major exports: Oil, IT, Arms, Ammunition, Shipping

GDP: $51,021,037.76 (current surplus)

Official language: Malayalam, English, Hindi

About: The Kingdom of Cochin has been ruled by the Cochin Royal family or Perumpadappu Swaroopam for close to 700 years. The seat of Kingdom is at Tripunithura and the administrative capital is at Cochin. The Kingdom of Cochin expanded from its original boundaries which were the districts of Ernakulam, Trichur, Kottayam, Idukki, Malappuram, Alleppey and Palghat to include the entire states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

History: The Perumpadappu Swaroopam came to Cochin after the Great Flood of 1200 when the port of Muziris was closed and Cochin harbor was formed. It was shaped into greatness by King Sakthan Thampuran. The earlier rivalry with the Zamorin kingdom to north and Travancore Kingdom to south was finallyreconciled during the reign of the previous ruler His Highness Sasidharan Thampuran, who through his military, economic and diplomatic prowess united the three Kingdoms to create the Greater Kingdom of Cochin. After his abdication for Vanavasa, his son and present monarch, His Highness Rama Varma devoted the first 10 years of his reign to an accelerated development and modernisation of the Royal Cochin Defense Forces.

In September 1995 the erstwhile State of Madras and Wodeyar Kingdom launched a joint attack against the Kingdom of Cochin. Despite early reverses at Kazarkode, Walayar and Trivandrum sectors, the RCDF forces surged repulsed the invaders and surged towards the two enemy capitals. The enemy's nefarious designs were given a death blow when the attack submarines of RCDF sunk the Madras Air Craft Carrier Vaiko off the coast of Trivandrum. The RCDF Navy Fleet 2 went on to destroy the Madras offense fleet anchored off Chennai and the Task Force Bravo finished off the Wodeyar fleet at Karwar.

Finally by December 3, 1995 the Kingdom of Cochin formally annexed the states of Madras and Karnataka and integrated them into the Kingdom of Cochin.

The Kingdom of Cochin entered 21st century as a modern well defended Kingdom and as a veritable power in the world stage.


Royal Cochin Defense Forces is organized into 3 sections : Army, Navy and Air Force.

All defense organisations have HQs at Cochin.

There are Army Regional Commands at Bangalore, Chennai and Calicut.

The Air Force Regional Commands are at Nedumbassery, Coimbatore and Bidar.

The principal Naval bases are Cochin, Trivandrum, Karwar, Mangalore, Chennai, Tuticorin, Paravur, Ponnani and Kodungallur.

Army: There are 6 Armored Cavalry Regiments, 12 Mechanised regiments, 6 Shock Armour Regiments, 8 Shock Artillery Regiments, 2 Paratrooper Regiments, 2 regiments of Mountaineers and a regiment of Special Forces.

Air Force:

5 wings of 50 Mig35s, 5 wings of 60 Su30, 8 wings of 60 Mig 29, 8 wings of 50 An32, 5 squadrons of 16 IL76, 2 squadrons of IL78, 1 Squadron of IL76AEW, 10 wings of 40 ALH, 4 wings of 50 Mi35, 2 wings of 48 Tigershark, 1 Squadron of 17 Mi26 and an executive Fleet of 50 GVIIs.


3 Aircraft Carriers (70), 3 Aircraft Carriers (40), 5 Helicopter Carriers (40), 20 Cruisers, 35 Destroyers, 50 Frigates, 256 Missile Boats, 4 Missile Submarines, 20 Attack Submarines, 106 Midget Submarines, 40 Coastasl Patrol Vessels, 20 Hovercrafts, 10 LSTs, 3 Floating Tenders, 25 Fleet Oilers.

Mig29K- 250; Sea Harriers- 150; P3C Orion-100, MH53-300, Ka30 - 400.

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The War of South India

Cochin assimilated Travancore and Calicut states through peaceful means.

Then fearing the increased might of Cochin, Madras and Carnatic kingdoms attacked Cochin.

There were three fronts - Kazarkode, Palghat and Trivandrum. In early reverses entire Kazarkode District, Walayar sector and Parassala sectors fell into enemy hands as the border security forces were throroughly runover. After initial two days it became a war of attrition on land while total war was being waged in air. FABs at Palghat, Calicut and Parassala came under heavy bombing in the initial hours of combat and a totalof 93 UCAV-F (Hornet) were destroyed in the skirmish for only 15 enemy casualties.

Then the RCAF went into full battle mode. The Mig29/Su30/Mig35 regiments scored a kill ration of 20:1 against a vastly numerous enemy force. The Hornets showed off their combat potential with a kill ratio of 15:1. After the first day air neutrality was achieved and after 60 hours air superiority was achieved.

RCAF now went into full offensive mode. 20 UVAV-B (Raven) regiments were tagged for air base neutralisation. They accomplished this with assistance from 30 regiments of Hornets.

By the end of the first week RCAF had won complete air superiority over Carnatic and Madras Kingdoms. But this was at the cost of 220 Hornets, 50 Ravens, 20 Mig29s, 15 Su30 and 6 Mig 35.

War for Royal Cochin Navy started with the torpedoing of CNS Amindvi, an ASW Frigate in the international waters 200 km north of Lakshadweep. The vessel sank with its 150 sailors and 25 officers. Fleet 02 which had charge of Arabian Sea and Fleet 01 which had charge of Indian Ocean/BOB went into full War readiness. FL02 sailed towards Karwar and FL01 sailed towards Chennai and faced aerial attacks from mangalore, Tuticorin and Rameswaram AFBs. The Mig29Ks and Hornets which were on BARCAPs repulsed these waves at a kill ratio of 50 :1.

Task Force Alpha of which the sunk frigate was a part of proceeded to perform a shore bombardmet of Mangalore. Task Force Bravo laid an ambush which decimated a Madras task force targetted for an invasion of Andamans. In this classic operation Madras Navy lost its aircraft carrier MNS Goundar, a Battle cruiser and 3 submarines. Task Force Charlie destroyed the Carnatic aircraft carrier RCS Gowda and its escort ships on the approaches to Calicut port. The submarines of RCN were on full war mode and had a license to kill. In a classic operation 2 SBZs of FL02 sunk the Battle cruiser RCS Mysore at Karwar Naval Base.

On the land front RCA had faced early reverses. After initial loss of Kazarkode, Walayar and Parassala regions the RCA strengthened its defenses. I Corps which comprised the I and IV ACR and II Mech Divisions was assigned Kazarkode sector. II Corps which comprised II,III and V ACRs and I and II Mech Divisions was assigned Walayar sector.

III Corps which comprised VI,VII ACRs and IV Mech Division was assigned Parassala sector. A fourth and fifth Corps were being assembled as Reserve Divisions. They were to be formed into 4 ACRs and 6 Mech Divisions.

After first 2 days of compabt initiative was won by RCA. A massive attack on all three fronts was launched. RCSF commandoes had infiltrated enemy lines and launched covert strikes against enemy's communication lines. The stealth UAV Raptor proved its mettle in battlefield surveillance by plotting the enemy logistic lines, main concentrations and by locating command HQs.

In a coordinated attack at 0230 Ravens struck at all enemy logistics lines, Mig35 squads dispatched all the command centres with cluster bombs. The attack helicopters of all teh army Corps with attack helicopters from RCAF decimated the Shock Armor Corps of the enemy. At the same time Missile Boats and SBMs of RCN were bombarding all the important cities of Madras and Carnatic.

The Palace and Royal Assembly in Chennai were reduced to rubble. In a 6 hour long barrage all the naval bases were foreclosed and ships in harbor sunk.

The Army I Corps decimated the opposing I Wodeyar Shock Armythrough a massive artillery barrage, MRLS attack and first field use of MS 155 mm Artillery units.

At the end of the day I Corps had captured Mangalore district, II Corps had captured Coimbatore District and III Corps had captured Kanyakumari District. After being augmented by an ACR and a Mech Division each, the three Corps began moving towards the enemy capitals. By the seventh day the Fleets had reached their destinations and port facilities were captured. Marine Commandoes from FL01 captured the Palace and Secretariat in Chennai. 12th SF Battalion from Nilambur para dropped into Bangalore and held the King of Carnatic, Rajendra Wodeyar hostage.

On the eighth day the Strike Corps reached the capitals and enemy units began to surrender in number. On the tenth day formal surrender was signed by the two belligerent nations.

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Gosree City

After commissioning the Vallarpadom Container Terminal Cochin was on its way to become a trade center for South Asia. Cochin began to set up a 20 km X 20 km super city, centered around the Kanyakumari District's coast. The entire 400 sq.km area was cleared of its population , them being resettled in other parts of Cochin. As the land was being prepared a massive artificial harbor was dredged out and a super port 10 km long was set up. This will take 2 years to complete and phases of it are given to different contractors for parallel execution.

The entire complex is to be called Gosree City. The Gosree Port will have capability to accomodate 100 ships at the same time. A massive shipping canal will be dredged out from the deep sea with deep sea depth with a corridor width of 1km with an in and out corridor.

Port will be divided into 10 km segments , A to J. A to D will be exclusively for container traffic. Adjoint to the seaport will be an international airport, a railway loading yard and a railway terminal. Gosree city will be a tax free zone for its companies. Power and water will be supplied at a rate lower than global average and especially lower than in other trade cities. The Mullaperiyar reservoir shall provide water for this city and a nuclear power plant will be set up exclusively for Gosree. In the center of the city there will be a public park in the centre of which will be a 900 mtr tall tower to be called the Gosree Star. At the top of this tower there will be a massive rotating beacon which will serve as a light house. In the city there will be a city market, Shopping area, Industrial Area, Corporate Area, Residential Area etc. The area shall be administered by a Gosree Administrative Corporation headed by a Managing Director answerable to the King. Law and order shall be maintained by a special Gosree Command of RCPF. This shall include a SWAT team also. Defense of Gosree will be taken care of by an Air Cavalry Division and a Fast Response Squadron. There will be a Metro Rail system for the city which shall be connected to the railway terminal and airport also.


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Order of Battle

Royal Cochin Defense Forces

Royal Cochin Navy:

Carrier Task Forces : 8, comprising

Aircraft carrier - 1 [Cochin class (90+) - 3, Malabar class (50+) - 5]

Destroyer, Amindvi class - 2

Frigate, Nilambur class - 3

Attack Submarines, SBX class - 1

Midget Submarines, MSB class - 4

Cruiser Task Forces : 10, comprising

Cruiser, Kavaratti class - 2

Destroyer, Amindvi class - 2

Frigate, Nilambur class - 2

Attack Submarines, SBX class - 1

Midget Submarines, MSB class - 4

Submarine Task Force : 4, comprising

Missile Submarine, SBM class - 1

Attack Submarine , SBY class - 1

Attack Submarine, SBZ class - 1

Midget Submarine, MSB class - 6

Marine Task Force : 6, comprising

Helicopter carrier, Kottayam class - 1

LST - 2

Destroyer, Amindvi class - 1

Frigate, Nilambur class - 2

Missile Boat, Kripan class - 10

Midget Submarine, MSB class - 4

RO/RO Carrier - 1

Fleet Reserve of 12 destroyers, 15 frigates, 100 Missile boats and 63 Midget Submarines.

650 Mig29K

3000 UCAV-F Hornet

2000 UCAV-B Raven

5000 S-RECO


Royal Cochin Air Force:

1 Regiment of MCA Piranha

8 Regiments of 50 Mig35

9 Regiments of 50 Su30

7 Regiments of 50 Mig29

5 Regiments of FA18E

7 Regiments of F16IN

50 Regiments of 50 Hornet

45 Regiments of 50 Raven

5000 S-RECO


6 Air Cavalry Divisions of

35 Mi35

25 LCH Piranha

20 MH53

40 Blackhawk

50 Bell 212

Transport Detachment of

200 IL76

30 IL78

15 IL76 AEW

400 An32

400 C130

200 C5

24 Mi26


Royal Cochin Army:

9 Armored Cavalry Regiments ( 500 T90)

8 Mechanized Division

4 Shock Army Divisions ( 750 T90)

6 Marine Divisions ( 90 T90)

Royal Cochin Special Forces:

2 Special Forces Regiments

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Royal Palace Durbar

HH Rama Varma

Mr. KP Varma - E

R: Mr. Varma, what is the status of our recognition at the CN RP forum? Has the issues been sorted out?

E: Your Excellency, I regret to say that it has not. The CN RP forum maintains that our territories have been occupied by the nation Maelstrom Vortex of Dragonisia. We have sent a communique to them to correct the state of matters and restore to us our rightly possessions on the world map. We expect a cooperation from their Foreign Ministry.

R: Hmmm. If the said cooperation is not received we must forfeit this forum. After all we still have our presence in our alliance!!!

E: Yes Sir, without our proper territories it will be impossible for us to assume our roles.

R: Well, let us hope for the best.

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OOC: You can change your nation name in CNRP. My CN name is Articuno Islands yet on CNRP im in China as the Beijing Corp and I know nothing about the Chinese terrain as much as I do about India. But Maelstrom controls those areas so move your claims over to a blank spot if hes not giving it to you and change your RP a bit I don't think its too hard.

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so that too is an occupied territory? Hmm!!! i thought if it is white it is unoccupied!! :D

seems i have not much choice!!!! Is it possible for me to claim Lakshadweep alone? and where are the blank spots? i dont see any? :D

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OOC: Have you talked with Maelstrom Vortex (Dragonisia) about India yet? It is technically his land but he might be willing to part with some for you.

If that doesn't work, any white area is indeed unclaimed. If it is the 2pac territory you are seeking, just send a friendly message to Sargun to inform him. All white areas (protectorates) are unclaimed land for new RPers.

EDIT: Curse you Keshav for making my post redundant!

Edited by Californian
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Royal Palace Durbar

HH Rama Varma

KP Varma - E

E: Sir, i have just been informed by our diplomats to CN RP Forum that Dragonisia has refused to cede Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu territories. We also have hit a road block regarding our acquiring of East African coast.

R: Worrying developments indeed. Mr. Varma, what other unclaimed territories are there in the CN World Map?

E: Very few, Sir. We could not locate anything in Asia and only found a few blocks in far away North America.

R: Seems we will have to reconcile with Lakshadweep. At least that is unclaimed. Mr. Varma, contact Dragonisia and enquire if there is any possibility for leasing or buying out of the territories of Kerala, at least our home land, Cochin.

E: Yes Sir, I shall inform our diplomats like wise.

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"I'm sorry, the Indian people have been wanting unification for a long time, they refuse to break up again. The Legislature has moved that we deny this request although we will facilitate your location anywhere else in Asia. Our protectorate regions are unfortunately also reserved for some ongoing negotiations, but there is anarchy to the north, you may attempt to locate there and we could then share with you our ports and transit." Tom Clark Advised.

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OOC: I can afford a sizable IG navy but i choose not to for in game economic reasons, :D

OOC: Sorry, man, that's one of the things you have to have ingame to be recognized as having here. Soldiers and tanks aren't that way, but military ships and nukes are.

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Palace Durbar Transcripts






E: Your Excellency, we have finally attained fruition in your attempts to secure territory for our nation at CN RP. We now own a large swathe of land in Central Asia flanked to the north by Vaule, to the east by Beijing Corp, to the south by Xizang and Dragonisian protectorate. The territory to our west is unoccupied as of now.

R: Excellent. I applaud you for your efforts. But we must never forget that we would not have made it without some exemplary help from the other nations in the region. Make preparations for a diplomatic mission to those nations.

E: Yes Sir.

R: Now Gen. Faraz, our new territory needs a little taming. Can u handle it on your own or would you need additional resources?

P: Sir, the situation is manageable. We dont have all that much of a problem in the area.

R: Good. Now Gen. Varma, I hope your forces are all on ground? How long will it take to fully secure Cochin?

A: Our Raptors and S-RECOs are already patrolling the skies and our leading Air Cavalry Divisions are en route to their temporary bases. The ACRs, Mech Divisions and the Shock Army Groups are all camped just outside the new capital. The time needed for securing the borders cannot be disclosed now as this transcript will be public.

R: Yes, until we identify our friends and foes in the region sensitive information cannot be sent out. Anyway Gentlemen, we all have our works cut out. Let us secure Cochin!!!

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R: Gen. Varma, so all our units are in place?

A: Yes Sir, the RCA units have all based up at their regimental centers. The Aircraft regiments have reached their designated air fields. Our front line Jadayu fighters have already started training sorties in the southern regions.

The I ACR, Cochin Horse and the I Mechanized Division, King's Regiment have been based just outside the capital.

R: Good. Once all regiments and divisions have settled themselves i want to address my generals. So organize for such a meeting. Now what is this about aircraft shortages?

A: Yes Sir, we are facing a shortage of around 50 HALOBs and 120 MERATs. All our HALOBs and MERATs are now deployed and our Air Cavalry Divisions were left without some vital air lifting capabilities. On another note we also foresee a need for some more MBTs, Jadayus and helicopters.

R: Does this warrant another Project Reform or can you make do with current production programs, Gen. Zachariah?

Q: The HALOBs and MERATs can be produced in required numbers within 6 months in normal course. With a Project Reform mode of production we can meet all these requirements within one month. I would request a complete order list to produce a project schedule.

R: Gen. Varma, do so accordingly.

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Fellow officers,

All General Officers Commanding are required to prepare a detailed TO&E and request for additional units. A General Staff meeting is to be held on April 25 at the Royal Palace and you shall be addressed by the King followed by a Command meeting at RCDF HQs. All GOCs are commanded to prepare detailed briefs about their commands and activities going on.





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Fellow Officers,

All GOCs are required to prepare a detailed list of air crafts required for full strength defense of their sectors. A detailed TOE and plan of action for the coming month are to be presented at the Command before April 26.





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