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An Announcement from Jiangsu Republic


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Republic of Jiangsu

Over the past couple weeks, the transitional nation occupying the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang has worked to establish permanent order and are now ready to announce the government which will serve the goals of our nation into the future.

We have established a position of Premier, who is appointed by a council of city and other regional officials, and will serve until stepping down or removal by the council. The Premier will have strong executive authority to pass sweeping changes as necessary. We are also establishing a Parliament of elected officials from throughout the nation, with a Prime Minister to be decided on by them. In the interim, the duties of the Prime Minister will be carried out by the Premier. The positions of Prime Minister and Premier and all responsibilities thereof are hereby granted to Ming Su.

To conduct our international affairs, Zhan Wei has been appointed to the position of Foreign Affairs Minister. We expect nothing but the best from him.

Military recruitment has begun, as well as restarting arms manufacturing factories left almost intact by the previous regime, and we are expecting to announce the appointment of a General in the near future.

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The Empire is glad that the Republic of Jiangsu has finally returned our calls. Our forces will be withdrawing immediately into our protectorate in Jiangxi, and government control has been turned over to the Republic's government. The Empire recognizes the Republic if Jiangsu, and expresses our wish to talk of economic and even military ties

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