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The Foreign Division's Birthday

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The Foreign Division's Birthday, Issue nr 2



Today, The Foreign Division is two years old. On the 21st February of 2007, Tamurin founded an Alliance based on the principles of Security, Knowledge, and Friendship. A home for those who had lost theirs. Eventually TFD grew and acquired several very talented members who helped it grow and become what it is to them. Their home.

This day, TFD is more than an alliance, it is a community, a group of friends who enjoy each other - which is a priceless quality.

This day, when we celebrate our Second Birthday, we can only thank the wonderful moments we had and await with great expectation the upcoming ones.

This day, we thank our friends and allies who have walked this road with us and whose existance is the reason TFD is here and is what it is.

Happy Birthday TFD, hopefully we'll all be here next year for the third anniversary :)

And of course, everyone is welcome to a slice of the TFD Birthday Pie!


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