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Operation Bloody Retribution


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The Timoresian Airforce was scrambling. The Indochinese had launched an unprovoked attack at a nation with no hostile bearings towards them.

10 Squadrons of F22 Raptors, along with 4 Tupolev Tu-160 squadrons, raced from their air strips and towards the Maldives, to refuel, and launch the attack. At the same time, across Timoresian Naval Ports, troops were loading up. The Battleship ITS Flare and the Frigates ITS Vindication and ITS Justice were moving as fast as possible towards the coast line of IndoChina.

Timoresian Military Force:


10 Squadrons of F22 Raptors (120 in all)

4 Squadrons of Tupolev Tu-160 (48 in all)

1 Battleship, 2 Frigates

50,000 Soldiers armed with G36/K21

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Strategic Air Command

The Teletype machine started going off from National Command Authority. Everyone scurried noiselessly to their stations as Major Johnson went forward to read it.

“National Command Authority: Major offensive launched at Marscurian Empire from IndoChina. Release of weapons is authorized. This is your Red Alert. Plan Delta.”

The General sighed, and gave the order. Major Johnson confirmed, as did Lieutenant Atkins.

Confucianism launched 100 HEMP (basically EMP) missiles at Indochina, effectively disabling all radar coverage of the area. They also targeted the Command Headquarters, to disable their military in their invasion.

This was followed up by 50 Tomahawk Missiles, launched from their silo’s on Confucianism. They were specifically targeted to destroy key government buildings, economic buildings, as well as attack the Commercial Airport at the capital.

After this, 50 ICBM missiles were launched from Confucianism silo’s. Each one contained 6 MIRV’s each, each a 15,000 pound bomb. Twenty-five ICBMs were programmed to deploy their MIRVs on his airbases. The other twenty-five ICBMs were programmed to attack his port cities, and effectively knock out his commercial shipping.

All Bomber wings, currently in the air, started flying to IndoChina. Each one was carrying a massive payload. Tu-160s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tu-160), B-2s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-2), and B-52s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-52) all, accompanied by Fighter escort. Every fighter from Confucianism was launched to cover the bombers, and would easily destroy any fighters that entered their path. Together, they entered the Indochina mainland, devoid of fighters currently attacking Marscuria. They bombed all the Army Bases, Naval Bases, and Air Bases, and then proceeded to land in the Maldives to rearm for another assault.

The Maldives launched their fighters to patrol the islands, to be sure Indochina didn’t try to approach.

The Andaman Islands launched 3 of their 5 Fighter Squadrons to assist the Maldives.

OOC: Stats and statistics for the attack:




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Wanatetan troops, vehicles, equipment, and aircraft are being transported to the battle site with ships.

OOC: Seriously, you guys are too obvious with the naming...you didn't have to call it "Bloody"...

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DEFCON 1 in effect already due to high level nuclear exchange in Europe, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and the Americas.

The Australasia Coalition has declared war against IndoChina for their aggressive war against the Marscurian Empire. Prepare for immediate action.

***/end dispatch***

Tanisian intelligence was ordered to preemptively activate a massive computer attack on Indo-China military network. They attempted to upload viruses and worms to disable their communications.

Tanisian air assets all across Sumatra were activated. Two squadrons of B-2 bombers filled with an array of munitions of 1000, 500-lb. laser-guided and Fuel-Air bombs flew towards various strategic targets, which included air fields, radar sites, and important infrastructure sites. Another two squadrons of mixed with B-52s and Tu-160s followed behind.

Tagging along for protection were two new squadrons of F-22s, recently in mass production in Tanis. An array of F-15s and F-16s, consisting of three squadrons were also along.

An modified 767 for airborne command and control was called into the battle to help identify enemy targets. Several of the F-16s were equipped with electronic countermeasures to fool radar-based surface-to-air missiles.

In support, AWACS support was activated for an attempt retaliation. Tanisian Missile Command was in a heighten state of alert against possible incoming missile strikes and were being prepared. In Tanis, about three dozen cruise missiles were launched on important military targets in IndoChina, notably, military bases.

In a the meantime, troops were being ordered for emergency airborne operation as well being ordered to get on ships bound for the Manchurian Empire, the number being mobilized was around 75,000.

***Public Dispatch***

Today, the nation of IndoChina has declared an aggressive war against an innocent nation, the Marscurian Empire. In cooperation of the AC, we hereby declare war on IndoChina. This action did not come lightly, but their actions are not justifiably.

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OOC: OK, link to the DoW on the Marscurian Empire?

IC: And under the ocean, they would be supported by three nuclear-powered submarines, who would ambush any unwary enemy ships. This was, unfortunately, all Promised Land could contribute at the time...

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***Highly Classified***

Amongst the bustle of the Banda Aceh Air Base, inside a hanger sat a C-5 Galaxy. About 30 men were inside looking at computer screens and maps of IndoChina. Two dozen of the men were especially trained members of the Tanisian Special Intelligence Force. Training in the ways of covert operations, these men were to embark on a deep covert mission into IndoChina.

After a couple hours of briefing, they grabbed their unmarked equipment. All of it generic in nature with no marking whatsoever. Each man was equipped with a 'death pill' just in case of being captured.

The C-5 taxied down the runway and took off to a cruising altitude of 5,000 feet right after take off. Gradually, the plane dropped to 500 feet to avoid possible radar sites in Dragonisia, IndoChina, and other nearby nations. The plane flew well outside of the city of Calcutta (Kolkata) on its way into the IndoChina interior.

The back cargo doors opened up and eventually the green light came on.


One by one, twenty-four men performed a low altitude jump about 50 miles west of Calcutta in the remote countryside.

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Message to AC members:

According to a message from Chairman Kao Wei, the attacker is a rogue and very nuts rogue general. The enemy is not the IndoChinese, but the invading troops. We request that they become your primary targets. I repeat, IndoChina is not the enemy, the invading rogues are. I wish you to know that we are enternally grateful for your swift actions, and when this is over, we will find a way to properly thank all of you.

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