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CN:TE (Color Wars)


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-Make it impossible to wage war with someone the same color as you.

Why? Most people are just fighting people on the same color trying to control dominance. Admin has always stated he wanted wars to be fought color vs color. Get rid of alliances and make color pride the new thing for CN:TE. Why? It would add a new game mechanic and put what would be rivals on the same team to continue a fight against what could be allies. It just seems interesting to me and I'm not sure it would work. I'm certain a CN Community debate about it could help figure it out.

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I like the idea as long as senators can then kick people (as many as they could sanction not entire droves of people) from colors and send them to gray for a certain amount of time, they could move to other colors but not that color for certain day's, nor trade with anyone on it. So at least a trouble maker could be punished by a team if they really want to. The only changing color have X number of day's would be a must too its better then never being able to change.

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Make it so you can't change your color at all. That should make people double think things out.

topic change?

not so sure that was what the original mod approved. <_<

i thought that EVERYONE could attack EVERYONE..

who decided against that? :huh:

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